More ATC voices

My co-pilot and I should have different and unique voices not used by anyone else, female and male. It’s very annoying when they tower orders a go-around and the same voice says “going around”. All ATC voices should not be used by AI traffic either and AI traffic should never use my or my co-pilot’s voice. So more voices would be nice. I don’t know if voices can easily be altered synthetically without sounding robotic or if voice actors are required. For immersion purposes it’s a big thing for me personally to have good ATC and that’s what a sim is about.

Can we get a different voice for the ATC and you (or co-pilot)?


Try this. Turn off “Azure” ATC voices in the menu and use the local ones instead. I did that when the Azure voices weren’t working most of the time and the local voices sound good and have differences (including male and female.) However, I can’t figure out how to make my pilot voice be “male”. It seems to always be female.


Me too.Almost as same as your experience.

I agree. The voice that is used as the “pilot” is practically the same as the voice that is used as “ATC”. Making these voices, and perhaps other pilots voices, noticeably different, would really make a difference to overall perception of distance between the participants in the conversation.

Right now it seems we only have two male voices. Is there a way to add more? I know Microsoft has several male/female voices as part of Windows operating system. Is there a way to give MSFS use of those language packs to give a variation of voices?

Shortly down the road, I’d like to see controllers in non English speaking countries still use their foreign language pack to pronounce the word in Aviation English. For example, if you took off from Rome, they would speak to you in English but probably have an accent. This is something very common in the airline industry, so it would add a huge layer of authenticity.

I know the last two suggestions will take a decent amount of work to implement. However using Microsoft’s language packs to get a variety of voices, genders, and accents may be more of an easy challenge. Perhaps somebody already discovered a method of adding extra voices, just like they did with liveries, scenery, and new planes.

Please share any suggestions, methods, or addons you may have that would help add another layer of realism to the ATC chatter.


Yes please Microsoft! You give me the choice of one female pilot but she talks like a guy? Come on… There ARE females out here flying. You do know that right?? Thank you for bringing this up ceREALthrill. :slight_smile:


There is a work around. You can under the Options menu, under the Sound menu, under Text To Speech, choose Window Offline instead of the default Azure option. There is a female voice there.

Thanks so much for sharing that work around!

I have to admit the ATC setup in MSFS is probably the best on the market. It’s a huge improvement over FSX. Despite its age, FSX was better than anything available on Xplane 11. So I hope they continue to improve the system.

In addition to my other gripes, another thing on my personal wishlist would be a way to adjust the speed of the speech. If you listen to any actual ATC conversations, it will make MSFS sound slow as molasses. It’s human nature to speed up when you are repeating the same procedures and phrases over and over. It shouldn’t be hard to implement, because most text to speech usually has a speed adjustment. In my experience, it’s easy to tell a professional pilot from weekender by the speed and cadences of their radio calls.

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I believe ‘Generic’ is used for the aircraft type, not the operator/callsign, if the type does not correspond to one of the aircraft known to MSFS. A better solution in that situation would be to just say the ICAO aicraft type, which I think FlightAware supplies. This would be B738 for a Boeing 737 800. However it should read this as B 7 38 or B 7 3 8, not Bravo 7 3 8.

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I got tired of hearing the same 5 or 8 voices when it came to what was coming in my ears from ATC, so I started a thread about the subject, and it seems I’m not alone.

This seems more like a bug than a wishlist item, frankly, but I figured I’d start here. If you’re still having the same problem and would like to see it fixed, please add your voice to the “me, too” stack and vote!

Thanks, feel free to discuss as well!


We need more voices. What’s currently available is not enough. It’s better than the 3 voices that were available at launch, but still not good enough. In a busy airspace, when you hear a conversation between 2-3 distinct planes with an ATC and all are using the same voice, it both confusing and offputting.

Azure has the capability for tons of voices. Why this hasn’t been implemented yet is confusing.

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The female voice sounds just like the Gal at my home airport in real life… so happy to always hear her, she super cool!!!

i would be glad when the standard atc voices sounds like real humans and not like robo voices.

Voted, the current system feels quite limited.

Even a few more voices would greatly enhance the immersion. The atc still needs work on other areas as its still quite limited but thats a different story.

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Its the logic flow that needs to change. I don’t think that this is a biggie but it’s frustrating. I believe that the ATC voice logic needs to be ‘fine tuned’ so that an ATC voice may never be the same as the pilot’s voice. So:

  1. once the user has selected a pilot voice, that voice should be tagged as unavailable for ATC
  2. the next ATC voice after handoff can not be the same as the previous one.

If these simple rules were applied it would solve many issues… I don’t think this is a complex change as there are relatively few places where this needs to be checked/implemented. But it helps with the sense of realism.
(but its nice to hear the speech improved and the ‘goodbye’ at the end). :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Are these voice settings available to the Xbox as well?

Seeing as they are done on Azure, they should be as long as you have internet.

Change your pilot avatar to your gender of choice… it’s in General/Miscellaneous settings.

If you use offline voices it will pull speech from any of the the language packs you have installed locally - so you can already get regional accents. Same in Pilot2ATC.