Moving MSFS to new SSD, which option is best?

Hello, I own the MS Store version and I had started to run out of space on my 1TB SSD so I installed an additional 4TB SSD that I want to move MSFS to. I’ve done some research and found 2 options… 1) to copy the Official and Community folders to the new drive and edit the UserCfg.opt file to point to the new drive, or 2) Use the Apps & Features “Move” option to move it to the new drive.

Is one method preferred over the other? I’ve read some instances that when using the MOVE function to do this, that MSFS will update packages every time it starts. I would love any advice and/or to hear which method you used and how it went.


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Personally my advice would be for option 1 and move the Official and Community folders to the new drive.

I think (although I don’t have much evidence) that it may be “safer” to keep the core package (not downloaded content) in the default c:\ location (and it isn’t too much in terms of size on the ssd).

Having the downloaded content on a separate drive should work fine.


Why not if Microsoft provided it.

Easy way to do it.
Create a new folder in the new SSD and name it what you like.
Click the “Move” command.
Tell it the new folder.

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This. But you don’t need to edit that file - just select the new path when the installer asks you to download all these packages. It will detect the packages and not redownload these :wink:

See here:

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My only concern is what I mentioned in my o/p, that I’ve read that some users have had MSFS update packages every time they fire it up. Have you actually moved MSFS this way? If so, good results and no issues?

Aha! Maybe thats what some are reporting that MSFS keeps installing packages. Maybe they failed to tell the sim the new path. Thanks for the link.

Is there a benefit to doing it this way over the Move function?

I honestly did not try the move function but by just moving the packages at least caches and the executable stay in the same place on your main drive.

I guess there is no real benefit on each compared to the other, just keep the path of the new place short (like D:/MSFS/Packages…) to prevent long path errors provided by Windows :wink:

Yes, with the “Move” command for years now.
Never had a problem. It is a MS FS2020 program.

As to updates to the packages, FS2020 will check the the
status of its files in the “Installed Packages” to verify they are okay and will update/correct any that are not what is expected.

Maybe this is what you are questioning about.

There’s a third way if your internet connection is decently fast…just do an uninstall and then do a reinstall to the new SSD. That’s what I did. What sucks is the time it can take.

Make a backup of your Activities/Missions folder. That’s where any Bush trips you flew will be. You absolutely want to make a copy of that folder. Otherwise, there’s a good chance they’ll get tossed during the re-install.
Once done re-installing, copy the Activities/Missions folder back where it belongs. FS 2020 doesn’t create the folder until you fly at least one Bush mission, so if you copy your backup missions folder to the same location within the FS 2020 install, you should be good to go.

When you’re done, open FS 2020 and check your logbook and Bush flights (if you’ve ever done any). If the hours and Bush trips are wonky, do this:

Shut down FS 2020

Open the “Task manager”
Open the “Services” tab
Find the “GamingServices” app and restart it.

Restart FS 2020 and everything should re-sync and your logbook should be correct.

This has been my “go-to” for at least a half dozen re-installs. :slight_smile:

best will soon pcie 5

That is what I did, deleted the existing one and reinstalled with no problem, with all add-ons in a separate drive and I had no problems. I do not know if it is the best way but it worked for me.

Do not, do not, do not move msfs launcher!

In some cases problem with insufficient privileges

I have used the FS2020 “Move” command that put the
WpSystem folder on my D: drive.
There are no problems that I am aware of.

Is the issue of insufficient privileges due to a person moving the
files via cut, copy and paste versus using the FS2020 command.

Thanks for all the advice, I’ve learned a lot. Turns out I wont have to move MSFS,at least not for awhile. I discovered it was my linked add-on folder that took up most of the space. Just moved that over to the new drive and re-linked, and was able to install the last 2 World Updates. All is well.



Good investigating.

At least you now know of several ways to move it, just in case. :grinning: