MSFS 2020 and stutters

You’re not providing enough information.

What are your sim settings?

What resolution are you using?

What are your nvidea control panel settings?

And here’s another thread you should read:

My rig has an i7 5820 and a 980ti and I am in the top 7% of Firestrike Ultra AND I run at High settings at 4K and it runs plenty smooth enough for me not to obsess over frame rates.

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You need to understand that this is not a benchmark competition. MSFS will bring the best 3DMark system to its knees if you try to get it to do what you are asking.
“The Other” flight sim you referenced will run wide open at 60 fps on MY system. If you want to stress test a system, fire up MSFS and run it wide open.
No-one here is suggesting your system is anything short of impressive. We are just saying that the technology does not yet exist that can do what you want. It likely won’t as we start loading in add-ons for weather, scenery, comms, not to mention the PMDG airliners that will force us all back to medium settings just to get 30fsp.
Massage what you have to get the best possible experience you can but this is an issue you can’t solve with money or Asobo.


Seriously asking, or just being stupid?
I never said anything about my rig… But I can tell you this…
My rig is not capable of doing 60 fps all the time, because no one has that kind of rig. Get real!


Yeah, my machine:

Intel® Core™ i7-4770K CPU @ 3.50GHz, circa 2013

32 GBytes RAM, DDR3

EVGA NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080, 8 GBytes RAM, GDDR5X

displays FPS in the same range as yours and I’m quite happy with it. 60 FPS is not all that!

C44MO, Please keep your insults to yourself.
My rig is very much capable of doing 60 fps all the time,
just not with MSFS.

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Just a small contribution, this reminds me of an old cartoon in a well respected audio magazine.
Guy is sitting in a chair looking at 2 oscilloscopes to decide if his stereo hi-fi is playing his music.
I just listen my hi-fi and it sounds really good.

My “rig” is capable of running MSFS in ultra settings and getting stable performance but I don’t.
I don’t even check the FPS 'cos the law of diminishing returns kicks in.
So bottom line is which is more important flying the sim or worrying about high fps rates.


My point exactly!


Not worrying about frame rates, but about stutters…
The main goal has not been achieved, a fluid flying experience.


That is exactly what we are saying. Lots of titles out there can run at 60fps @ 4K on lessor systems than yours but MSFS is not one of those. Flight simulator programs have always been coded beyond the capabilities of the available technology. When FSX was released, we drove ourselves nuts trying to get frame rates that didn’t cause catastrophic disasters every time you attempted an approach at a major airport. It took almost 15 years before the hardware caught up. That does not mean that we were unable to fly. it just meant that we had to find the sweet spot between performance and visuals that allowed a smooth controllable flight without needing a fire extinguisher standing by beside the computer.
Just dial it back, and go fly.


I feel your pain man - shouldn’t be this hard to get good performance out of a rig which surpasses the recommended spec…

You can go back and forth forever with these guys but you’ll end up in the same place.

I’m hopeful the developers will get there in the end. Will be big shame if they don’t given what the have already achieved!


Amir747SP, well THANKS. At last somebody has understood what I mean!
Let’s hope the Devs also do, if they ever read this…

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Get a faster interwebs connection or up your Rolling Cache.

I have a fast, reliable connection and I run 128 GB of Rolling Cache on a separate 160 GB drive (notice it’s another spindle) and I rarely experience stutters.

I too could run with Ultra settings, but opt for the lower settings and run the simulator at 4K settings on my (oddly) special Samsung 32" 1080p monitor (LC32T55). Don’t ask my how or why the simulator and Windows recognize and allow the 4K resolution.

I consistently get 25-40 fps; depending on the complexity of the scenery.

And I forgot to add… I ditched v-sync and my meager fps went up about 15% with no theoretical upper fps limit.

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willisxdc Well, if you read my first post, you’ll see that I DID dial it back… massively.
But even then, what kind of flying is one without fluid movement?

All the above look like a FPS obsession to me!

Yes but not photoreal scenery (presuming DCS)

Which games exactly?

Fatuous argument as many here do not have this experience

Underpowered in my opinion


As others have said, problem is at your end Matey


You have a powerful CPU but not the best for gaming, an i5 10600K probably outperforms it so I am pretty confident your RTX 3080 is being held back a little by your CPU at least.

You also do not mention one of the most important aspects when gauging performance which is the resolution you are running and whether you are supersampling via the graphic settings.

My basic advice would be to experiment one graphic setting at a time, change to minimum and maximum each time going back in the sim and checking frame rate to see if there is any impact.
Sit on the runway of a detailed large airport that challenges frame rates is the best way.

Some settings affect CPU much more and others GPU much more.
By taking some load off the CPU you will get higher and FPS and smoother performance while cranking up settings on your GPU will likely not affect performance since you undoubtedly CPU limited.

Ensure you so not have AI aircraft on and other things that hit the CPU.
Once you are happy you are getting the best out of your CPU by lowering the necessary setting then slowly crank up resolution and things that affect the GPU one by one until you see any negative impact on FPS and adjust back.

Finally ensure the SSD you have the game installed on has plenty of free space, min 20 GB.
I have mine installed on a separate Nvme drive with a i5 6600K and 2070, rolling cache off, and get pretty smooth performance and decent FPS most settings high or max but with a resolution of widescreen 1440p.

This should give a smoother flight with higher FPS.
Beyond that consider a CPU upgrade as your next purchase but wait to see what effect if any DX12 has on your system.


I think everyone understands what you mean, but it is not always the game itself that may be causing the issues you are having. Finding a balance between the game and your PC hardware can be tricky at times. Many culprits at play… Overclocking issues, Video drivers, Audio drivers, Windows updates, CPU bottleneck, CPU overheating, Malware, Background service tasks, V-Sync, Power supply, Resolution settings, and the list goes on. I’m sure you will eventually find a good balance.



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A while ago I had problems with a “game” it ran fine on my laptop but not desktop. During my annual “clean” reseating every connector, memory module, clean fans etc. I discovered the stutters had magically disappeared. I searched “stutters video game” and was surprised by the things that can be the cause.
Most can be caused a hardware event that may not be obvious.
How is it in off-line mode etc.

@AC52399 I think it is pretty clear I read your original post. I also remember giving you some suggestions to help you achieve that “fluid flight” experience.
If I can get that experience with MY system, with minimum effort and a little trial and error, I am pretty sure your top of line screamer can do it too.