MSFS Marketplace Wishlist Blank Thumbnails (Dec-Jan 2024)

Marketplace Wishlist Blank Thumbnails.

Hi there, my Marketplace wishlist has stopped working properly. When I switch to my wishlist all the aircraft and scenery that I have favourited show up BUT when I change to only ‘aircraft’ or ‘scenery’ or ‘sale’ the majority of thumbnails become blank with a horseshoe and remain that way. It has been this way from Dec 2023 thru Jan 2024. I also have several ‘double’ thumbnails where the same aircraft or scenery appears twice usually side by side.

The rest of the Marketplace works fine and all the thumbnails are visible.

Recently In November 2023 I uninstalled MSFS and reinstalled it on a new 4TB M.2 hard drive I have also been dealing with an annoying and random BSOD issues, thats another story.

If anybody has any solutions to solving the ‘wishlist blank thumbnails’ I would appreciate them.


I haven’t had this issue myself, my guess is that it is due to a slow internet connection? Have you also tried closing and reopening the marketplace? :slight_smile:

Cheers! :airplane:

Hi, thanks for responding.

I have a really solid fast internet connection and this ‘marketplace wishlist thumbnails’ issue has been on going for a month new and has become consistent over startups, restarts, loading msfs, reloading msfs after exiting, etc.

Solution Found for Blank Thumbnails in Marketplace Wishlist

Solution was not the one I would have chosen but I simply removed all content from my wishlist, basically ‘unfavourited’ everything. But I had to repeat the process 5+ times.

  1. In general wishlist unfavourited all items.
  2. Clicked on ‘marketplace’ button.
  3. Then clicked on ‘wishlist’ and more favourited items appeared.
  4. Unfavourited all items in wishlist.
  5. Clicked on ‘marketplace’ button.
  6. Repeat multiple times till your sure no items in wishlist.

Now gone from 100s of items, aircraft and airports, to about 10. Doubtful I will rebuild my wishlist. The wishlist was incredibly good for finding aircraft or scenery I was interested in when on sale.

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Unfortunately this solution did not work. As I started to rebuild my marketplace wishlist the blank thumbnails have returned. A long with the occasional double items.

In case those can help:

Have you tried with your community folder empty ?

Thanks. None of those came up while I was doing forums searches.

Looks like something in the community folder could be a cause after all. I will look into it. I will have to rebuild my wishlist again and when the blank thumbnails return investigate my community content. I think it will take a while.


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MSFS Marketplace Wishlist Blank Thumbnails (Jan 30 2024)

Community folder completely empty.

If figured the best way to test if anything in the community was causing a conflict with the marketplace so I completely emptied my community folder and restarted the pc after clearing the whole marketplace wishlist.

However with the community folder completely empty the blank thumbails returned along with double favourited items.

So I have cleared my wishlist completely again. It took several attempts as once cleared I left the wishlist and went to the general marketplace and back to the wishlist and more favourited items were there. These were probably the items that were blank thumbnails. After repeating this process several times the wishlist is cleared.

So it seems that nothing in the community folder was causing the issue since with a completely empty community folder the blank thumbnails and double items returned after I built up the wishlist with less than 30 items, aircraft and airports.

I am going to leave the wishlist empty and community folder empty till after the next update (today Jan 30) see if that will fix the issue.

This is very frustrating because the marketplace had become so huge that a wishlist is the best way to see if items, aircraft and airports, I am considering purchasing are for sale. Plus it really negatively affects the trust level for purchasing items from the marketplace.

Question: Where is the data for the marketplace and wishlist stored? Could it be deleted?


I have been suffering from this issue for approximately the same amount of time. I doubt we’re the only ones either.

I’ve yet to find a solution.

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It is April 2024.

I had been keeping my new wish list very small under 30 items and the issue seem to disappear. But it has not. Still get the blank thumbnails when limit my wish list to items on sale. So I can’t tell if this means a blank thumbnail or an item is not showing.

Beginning to think this is the way it will be permanently.