NEW: FSFlyingSchool for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

We have just released FSFlyingSchool for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

FSFlyingSchool is an award winning virtual flight instructor add-on and its team of talking instructors will have you flying your very best.

A free demo is available!

Enjoy :blush:


Hi, I’ve tried the demo, and it seems to be awesome :slight_smile: I liked how responsive it is on my actions. However, before buying it, I need to spend some time making myself clear what is the software actually is. Do I understand correctly that there are no actual lessons? (I found some topic on your forum “We are looking at adding formal lessons…” but not in the software).

Dear dev, could you please tell us if this software will one day be available through the official MSFS in-sim marketplace? I’d like to buy all my addons from a single place to avoid numerous complications similar to the ones that have plagued the flight sims of the bygone era (p3d, XP).

And selling it through the said MSFS in-sim marketplace will also give your software way more visibility to potential customers and reviewers than it ever could if you restricted it to be sold through your own e-commerce website only.

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@SkyHead81 The main goal of FSFlyingSchool is to provide talking instructors who will fly with you anywhere in the world and evaluate your performance in over 70 different areas with fully recorded details.

As the simulators we support come with lessons, we have not duplicated them, but rather have provided a much greater level of detail in the analysis of airmanship.

The downside to the lessons is that they can only be performed in the location they are scripted for. Your lessons will always be at the same places and in the planes chosen by the lesson designers. The lessons do not record what the pilot did wrongly in much detail, if any, and do not begin to analyze the pilot’s performance in anywhere near the degree of detail that FSFlyingSchool uses.

But - you do get flying lessons, just like those you’d get from a real instructor.

Our pilots have found that both systems complement each other well.

Novices can learn the basics of how to taxi, take off and land using the simulator lessons and then start flying with FSFlyingSchool. The FSX lessons, for example, took the pilot all the way up to a commercial pilot’s check-ride in a Boeing 737, which is tough enough for most folks!

At the same time, pilots can be honing their technique using FSFlyingSchool.

Nevertheless, some folks don’t take the lessons - you can just start flying with FSFlyingSchool if you prefer.

The best part is that you can try out everything for free using the demo. No time limit – try it for as long as you like. The demo restriction is that you have to fly in and around KGRB Green Bay.

If you try the demo – I hope you have fun with your flights!


@EvidencePlz We are working on getting into the official MSFS store. However, there are multiple steps to the process that are out of our hands, so unfortunately I can’t give you a timeframe.


Thank you dev. It feels great to know that at some point in future the software will be available through the MSFS marketplace. :slight_smile:


Hi, I went to the features page but I don’t see any breakdown of the lessons?

For those of use who want to do lessons, if you have a more detailed breakdown, or even a video of a sample lesson, that would be great!

As far as I understood, there are no “lessons”. Just comments by the instructor while you’re flying anywhere and how you like.

See the reply further up.

Fun fact:
In the resources, MSFS still contains some of the 737 lessons from FSX (even soundfiles) which they didn’t bother to remove. And also there seem to be resources for A320 lessons.
So either they wanted to create lessons for A320 and found it to be too complex or it is still planned anywhere in the future.

The whole thing is a lesson. Imagine yourself going to a flying club/school, hiring a flight instructor, and now he’s sitting on the right seat, monitoring your in-flight performance while occasionally helping you with stuff, and giving you an analysis of your entire performance during and at the end of your flight, and more.

This is slightly different to the current lessons we have in MSFS. For example, FSFlyingSchool can do this, which you can use as a learning tool:

The default MSFS tutorials or the ones in FSX etc will not analyze your performance. FSFlyingSchool will! It for example will tell you about your performance during a traffic pattern, and tell you if you descended too fast. MSFS or FSX default lessons won’t do this.

Most importantly, FSFlyingSchool can be used at any airport of the world, while the default MSFS or FSX tutorials are limited to the areas and airports hard-coded by the core sim developers.


I’d argue that comments/reviews from flight instructors can also be counted as lessons. For example, private pilots (and I guess all other pilots) need to participate in bi-annual flight reviews, like this one. Dude in the blue shirt is a flight instructor conducting the annual flight review for the dude in the green shirt on the left seat.

If guy in the green shirt learnt something from the instructor, that imo counts as lessons:


No need to argue. There’s a difference to fly on your own with comments just as a reaction and a comprehensive list of predefined tasks, preparation, material, guideline etc.
I think that was what the question was about.

Great news! Looking forward to buying it in MSFS2020 store. The MSFS2020 Is enormous, and there are so many plugins that managing it outside the sim becomes overwhelming. Me, and I am sure a lot of people here, will buy it as soon as it is in the marketplace. In the meantime, I’ll get familiar with the Demo. You programmed something very unique. Thanks :slight_smile:


Yeah I’m not going down that hole again. I bought hundreds and hundreds of addons for flight sims of the bygone era (prepar3d, xp11) and because they don’t have a singular marketplace like MSFS does, it became very hard to manage. After working 40 hours a week I simply don’t have time, patience and mental stamina for the additional unnecessary workload.


By the way I’d like to ping @trevoC655 (the legendary Notam on youtube) and make a request to make a video review of this addon, if it’s possible for him :slight_smile:


@EvidencePlz That would be great.

In the mean time - to give a good demonstration of the features - there are video reviews of FSFlyingSchool on other flight sims:grinning:


Yeah, I also missed some introduction video for MSFS2020. But the same functionality is available on other sims, that would be great too. Thanks for the link.

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Thanks for the confidence and kind words Evidence.

I’ve had a lot of requests to review this and FS Academy so they’re definitely on my radar.

I do have concerns with reviewing larger packages that may take a lot of time to investigate as I would not want to make any judgments in haste, but doing a thorough review of these products could take a considerable amount of time.

My aircraft reviews for instance can exceed 10 hours for 20 minutes of a review video. More than half of that is flight time and taking notes. I’m guessing that reviewing these types of packages would take considerably more time.

I’m not opposed to it at the moment, just gauging interest in it for now.

Dave - NOTAM


@trevoC655 Thanks. Let me know if you want a free review copy!


I have FSFlyingSchool for xplane and enjoyed it so much I bought it again for msfs 2020. However there is one thing bugging me about it… When I am approaching a runway with PAPI showing two red and two white consistently I am getting Mr Smith complaining that ‘I’m too high get down to the glideslope’. I am probably losing well earned landing points because of this. Surely I can’t be too high when PAPI indicate good approach height???

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@karlos045813 Thanks for buying FSFlyingSchool :blush:

Can you list some of the airports / runways you’re having the issue at? I’ll take a look at the runway data to check for errors.