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The TC shows rate of turn/yaw and rate of roll (unless it’s a turn and slip indicator, then it’s just turn rate)

The inclinometer shows the balance between the horizontal component of lift (centripetal) and the centrifugal force acting on the outside of (tangential to) the turn.

The two together will absolutely provide a good indication of adverse yaw if you know what to look for, but it will not quantify it to a useful degree. As you roll into the turn without proper rudder, if the ball initially falls to the inside of the turn then slowly starts to recover (again without rudder), that was the adverse yaw, which is now decreasing as the bank is established and you remove the aileron deflection.

Note that if you’re in an airplane or at a bank angle that requires continuous aileron input (like strong dihedral or overbanking tendency), the adverse yaw will continue.


Thanks for the explanation, but for everybody,
I would like to keep any future adverse yaw conversations right here:

Realistic Adverse Yaw / Aircraft list

It provides a better overview for the topics.

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I know how it works in real life. I was talking about how it works in the sim, (e.g. what a graphic displacement of the ball actually means, not what it should mean based on real life. obviously the pixels on the screen do not react to airframe forces :wink: it‘s a beautiful instrument in real life, due to its simplicity. but in the sim, somebody needs to tell the pixels to move, and what do we know what they use as input for that?)


I wonder why the Black Square Bonanza doesn’t use the CFD but not the NPS? Anybody know?

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NPS for Analog Bonanza now also confirmed, got added. :+1:

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Big Update:


  • Asobo Cessna Citation Longitude (doesn’t use CFD anymore)


  • Black Square - Analog Bonanza: NPS + CFD

  • Black Square - Analog Caravan: NPS

  • Got Friends - Wilga 35/80: NPS + CFD +SBS

  • Got Friends - Discus-2c: CFD + SBS

  • Parallel 42 - Freedom Fox, Fox2: NPS + SBS

  • SimWork Studios - Van’s RV-10: NPS + CFD

  • Wing42: Boeing 247D NPS

  • ‘‘Last Update’’ in OP , so you can see more easily when something new got added


  • upcoming release:
    Black Square - Analog Baron: NPS + CFD

thanks @NiKoTin3420 for asking the devs


Update: (Also linked in the OP)

I created a new thread with a tutorial:
How can I find CFD, NPS and SBS?

I took the liberty of taking your data and convert into a markdown table. Let me know if you want the code. I can edit your post and delete this one.


3rd party

Developer Aircraft NPS CFD SBS
Aerosoft Twin Otter X
BlackBox Simulation BN2 Islander X X
BlackBox Simulation Trislander X X
Blackbird Simulations MV310 X
CJ Simulations Eurofighter Typhoon X
DC Designs AV-8B Harrier II X
DC Designs F-14 A/B Tomcat X
DC Designs F-15 Eagle X
DC Designs PT-17 Stearman X X
DeeJing Van’s RV-7 / RV-7A X
FlyingIron F6F-5 Hellcat X X
FlyingIron P-38L X X
FlyingIron Spitfire MkIX X X
FSReborn Sting S4 X X
Got Friends Discus-2c X X
Got Friends Wilga 35/80 X X X
Hangar Studios Camair 480 X X
iniBuilds Bf 108 Taifun X X
iniBuilds P-40F WarHawk X X
Orbx PAC P-750 XSTOL X X
Parallel 42 Freedom Fox, Fox2 X X
SC Designs F-16 X
SimWork Studios Van’s RV-10 X X
Wing42 Boeing 247D X

Improvement Mods

Developer Aircraft NPS CFD SBS
Black Square Analog Baron X X
Black Square Analog Bonanza X X
Black Square Analog Caravan X
Black Square Analog Kingair X X
G36 Mod Team Bonanza G36 improvement project X X
GotGravel Monster NXCub X X
GotGravel Savage Carbon X X
GotGravel Savage Grravel X X
MrTommymxr DA40-NGX improvement Mod X X
MrTommymxr DA62X improvement Mod X X
Dranbar Robin DR400-140B Dauphin Mod X
WB-Sim Cessna 172 SP Classic Enhancement X X X

MSFS base & premium

Developer Aircraft NPS CFD SBS
Asobo Airbus A310-300 X
Asobo Cessna 152 X
Asobo Cessna 172 G1000 (no other variants) X X X
Asobo Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan EX X
Asobo Curtiss JN-4 Jenny X X
Asobo Beechcraft King Air 350i X
Asobo DG Aviation DG-1001E neo X
Asobo DG Aviation LS8-18 X
Asobo DHC-2 Beaver X
Asobo Douglas DC-3 X X
Asobo Grumman G-21A Goose X X
Asobo Hughes H4 Hercules X
Asobo Savoia-Marchetti S.55 X X
Asobo Spirit of St Louis X

3rd Party

Developer Aircraft NPS CFD SBS
Cowan Simulation 500E X X
Cowan Simulation Bell 206 X X
Got Friends Mini-500 X X
HypePerformanceGroup H145 X X
Touching Cloud Ka-10M HAT X X

MSFS base

Developer Aircraft NPS CFD SBS
Asobo Bell Model 407 X X
Asobo Guimbal Cabri G2 X X

Oh that is awesome! That looks so much cleaner!

I was trying for months now to get a somewhat ‘‘nice’’ overview with the ‘’___ | ___ | ___‘’ system,
but it still looks horrible :joy:

Definitely want take your solution there, thank you very much! :smiley:


I edited your post and added the tables :slight_smile:
Good luck on this project!


Perfect, you are a hero! :smiley:
Thank you!


Very nice. Could it be possible to align from top to bottom the NPS, CFD and SBS columns on all the different tables?

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got it done :wink:


For completeness, the PMDG DC-6 does not have have NPS, CFD or SBS. Latest update, from 01/02/2023 version 2.0.46, installed this morning.

Plane Model NPS CFD SBS
pmdg-aircraft-dc6 PMDG DC-6A
pmdg-aircraft-dc6 PMDG DC-6B

I’m sure I read somewhere that they use their own custom propeller simulation (from before NPS was a thing).

If I come across it I’ll link it here


Found it:

Also, from personal experience flying this aircraft (a lot lol). There is definitely propeller simulation modelled!


Big update / revamp of the Adverse Yaw Aircraft list!

The decision was made to list every aircraft with the values which affect the Adverse Yaw behaviour.
That way it’s easier to see if an aircraft actually has adjusted adverse yaw and how strong it is.
There are also instructions how you can find these numbers and what they mean.

Would be cool if everybody could post their numbers or PM me
and I will update the list accordingly! Thanks in advance!

:arrow_right: Adverse Yaw | Aircraft list