New Simmers: Introduce Yourself!

Hi David,
I hope you enjoy the GA in MSFS a bit. Lot of things changed last 4 decades. Sometimes it makes me even feel old, but Iam glad I can experience this massive progress in technology.
If you have any questions, dont hesitate to ask. There is a lot of knowledge over here.
Take care and blue skies!

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Hi Markus,
Well always good to hear the background of the simmers over here, even if they are around for a while allready.
Hope you can put a bit of creativity in the sim a bit. Iam really excited to see what 3d objects you developed and dont be afraid to share some sneak peaks here at the forum. The positive reactions can really boost the confidence and can stimulates your projects or enthousiam.
Anyway hope you will enjoy MSFS for a long time to come and keep the great things comming :slight_smile:


Hello All, I’m Kwerzer and new to MSFS2020. I bought my sim in August 2020 and now ready to use it. I have been on Xplane for a while and want to experience this new realism from MSFS. Please how do i download and install the latest MSFS


Hi @CrudeWig200978,
Please see this installation guide here:

Thank you!

Hi, I am brand new to flight sims and aviation in general.

Please reply here for assisting OP with Flight Training:

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Hello. I’ve played fsx, prepar 3d, x plane 11+, Il2 1946, etc. Good games.


Welcome to msfs Engineer. I fly the neo a320 Airbus. Learning the F-18 Hornet.
My name is Rich

Hello Craxxenn. Welcome to msfs. My name is Rich. I fly the a320 Airbus. On XBox.