New Simmers: Introduce Yourself!

Make sure the following settings are turned off.

Aerodynamic Visualization

Show 3D Thermals.

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thank you so much, I followed your advice and those bloody lines are gone!!! CPD turned off was enough even by that thanks a lot again!!!
Have a nice week!!


You’re very welcome.
See ya in the skies. :smiley:

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Im strawdruid23, with an xbox one x, very limited computer savy, using a HOTUS one x. Ive seen msfs on youtube, and just downloaded it. After a few self inflicted problems, it is up and running, and i am fully addicted. I know that practice is the key, so i am spending as many hours as i can crashing into trees and mountains as i can afford. Im getting the hang of landing on the airfield right side up, and going the right way. I look forward to many hours of amazing sim.
Thanks for the great forum!


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‘Any landing you can walk away from is a good landing’ - so they say.

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Hello wellmade. How are you doing learning MSFS?
Can I assist you? How’s Glasgow?


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Hello Straw. Welcome to MSFS! Anyway I can assist you with the Sim? Add me to your friends list!


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Hi, I’m playing MSFS 40th Anniversary edition on PC - MSI Gaming Laptop with 32 GB or RAM. I played MSFS version 1 way back probably in 1982. It was kind of like playing Pong. I have owned every version of MSFS since Version 3. Love this new version but I had to buy a new laptop to be able to run it. I’m getting ready to get my Sports Pilot License and I want to buy a Progressive Aerodyne Searey or an Air Adventure Aventure amphibian since I live in Florida and we have lakes everywhere.


I have the same problem with the Cessna 172 G1000 version. Haven’t figured out a way to get rid of them yet.

Hi, you can call me either StarJet2023 (my handle) or simply by may actual name, Destiny (Des). I did play with MIcrosoft flight simulator years ago on my PC but it has been a long time. A couple months ago, I signed up for a ground school course online. It brought me back to simulation.

In the past couple months, I purchased my first gamers computer and video game system (XBOX series X, a VR headset (Oculus Quest 2) and two simulators (Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000 40th anniversary edition and X-Plane version 12). So, I’m new to a whole lot of things regarding gaming.

As for Microsoft, I am trying to build ‘an airplane’ in my house it seems like. I hope to get it all to work together on my gamer computer. But it has been a challenge so far. I might have actually bit off too much to fast. But I really look forward to getting it all up and running so I can start to play.

I wanted to try flight simulation because I love to fly. My degree is in avionics and I have always dreamed of getting my private license. I can’t really afford that so I guess the simulator brings my dream to life (so to speak).

I current desktop system uses the following equipment:

A Meza Simulator Cockpit Panel, a Honeycomb Alpha Flight Simulator Yoke and Bravo Throttle Quadrant, two Logitech Flight Radio Panels, a Logitech Flight Switch Panel, a Logitech Flight Multi Panel, five Logitech Flight Instrument Panels and the Logitech (Saitek) Flight Simulator Rudder Pedals.

It has been a struggle making it all work together or even getting MSFS to recognize everything. But I found another app callled SPADneXt that is used as an interface between all the controls and Microsoft Flight Simulator (or my X-plane) so that is looking promissing. So far it has been a journey.

Note: I keep finding errors so edited my post again on 3/14/2023 to make spelling and grammar corrections mostly.


Sorry, done something wrong

Hi guys, You can call me Sal :slight_smile:

I used to love the older MSFS, but have been a console gamer for the last few years.
Just built myself a new gaming PC and the first “game” I wanted to get was MSFS, and now I’m just starting to take it for a spin and its very daunting !
I’m not a trained aviator, but I’ve always loved flying and the realism of 2020 is what drew me back to it.
At this stage I am using my newly purchased Saitek/Logitech X56 HOTAS Stick/Throttle, but I am starting to think a Yoke might be better for learning FX and keep the X56 for the military “Top Gun” type activities.

Some of you guys have some amazing cockpits set up and I’m nowhere near that level - very impressive work !

I’m in Melbourne, Australia and looking forward to having a few trips around Tullamarine airport.


Hey there, I’m Sy. I just very recently got into MSFS on PC. I am absolutely intrigued and super stoked about flight simulation. I consider myself a novice in flight sim, I have lots to learn and I take advice really well as I’m always open to it. With that said, thank you for letting me be a part of this, I really appreciate it.


hello to all, I’m olivier I live in France and I practice flight simulator since FSX I created videos on my youtube channel and I took a 10-year break before discovering MSFS 2020. I’m on XBOX console SERIES S and I also create voids. I hope I can show you some video. Good day

bonjour a tous,
je suis olivier j’habite en France et je pratique flight simulator depuis FSX j’ai crée des vidéo sur ma chaine youtube et j’ai effectue une pause de 10 ans avant de découvrir MSFS 2020.Je suis sur console XBOX SERIES S et je crée aussi des vide. J’espère pouvoir vous présentez certaine vidéo.

Bonne journée


SofaJockey lol what a great tagname lol

Oz, ok, thought you might be “Sal” from the Impractical Jokers lol