New Simmers: Introduce Yourself!

Thank You :+1:

I’m very new here…
Also I don’t really know what I’m doing…
My name here is ‘DinMandoDjarin’ but mostly I go by ‘slumi’ (if anyone know how to change the username here, it would be Greatly appreciated!)
I’m planning to purchase the game next week, as soon as I get my newest paycheck.
I would play the Flight Simulator on PC.
I want to start playing it, to practice the procedures and to get some experience. I love aircraft and my biggest dream is to get a licence for real, but money is a rather tight.

Another question that I have: is the top guns dlc still available to play or not?

I’m sorry for any errors that I wrote and hope to learn from and get to know this community.


@Advocate3335 Welcome!

Your forum name is tied to your Xbox account, so if you wanted your forum name to be Slumi then you would have to change your Xbox gamertag.

Yes! Make sure to download it before July however as it will be pulled then.



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Call me Moon.
I have a gaming PC (Int I5-13500, amd rx 7600) hope that is enough.
I was getting pretty bored with gaming and so I bought a joystick and picked out a sim. So far this is great. Being able to turn on or off the AI features helps a lot. Looks like I might spend years on this sim and never get good, but its fun. Got As so far on the first 3 Flight Training sections but having to go back and review. Still having trouble deciding how to approach and setup a landing.

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Hello @Moondrift1,
For assistance from the community on setting up approach and landing, create a new topic in:

Latest User Support Hub/ATC, Traffic & NAVAIDs topics - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

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Hi @Moondrift1, & welcome to our wonderful world! :slightly_smiling_face:

You may be interested in looking at some of the guides in the Community Guides section. This one might be good start:

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Nice, thanks for the link.

@SmotheryVase665, thank you! Just what I need.

When I was young I spent some time flying in private aircraft. It was a blast! I still regret not getting my pilot’s license. At 68 it’s probably not wise to actually start flying but I want to get as close to it as I can.


Hello. Welcome to MSFS 2020.
Retired, so on most days.
Part of Flight Crew.
Can assist. Add me if you like.