[OFFICIAL] Weekly Dev Update Screenshot Challenge: Australia

Hello everyone,

Our screenshot challenge is now available to enter via Twitter with #MSFSchallenge!

It’s time for another screenshot challenge! The idea is to collectively explore different parts of the world together - areas that may be very familiar to you or perhaps a new place you have never flown before. Feel free to find others to fly with to capture the challenge, or go solo!

Last week’s winner from Lunar New Year: jienbacktory2 (Twitter)

This Week’s Challenge

Australia: The free Australian Update is out, meaning it’s time for a World Update challenge! Capture a screenshot of one of the new POIs in the Australin Update.

We will be flying in Australia for our weekly Community Fly-in this week, and it would be a fantastic event for you to join in on to capture your screenshot. Click here for details.

If you have any screenshot challenge ideas for the future, send @Jummivana a DM!


  1. Any time of day
  2. Any type of weather
  3. Code of Conduct appropriate liveries
  4. Default aircraft or aircraft from the MSFS Marketplace
  5. Up to 10 entries (screenshots) allowed

The rest is fair game! Use your creativity! We will pick the top 11 shots. 1 will be featured as the main photo of the next dev update and the other 10 will be featured in the community section.

You may also add a watermark or username to your image if you wish.

How To Submit Your Screenshot

Just post them below here in this thread, or tweet your photo with the #MSFSchallenge hashtag!

Note: This thread is for screenshot submissions only. Unless you have a particular question about the challenge, please do not engage in casual conversation here. Thank you!

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I don’t do twitter so i’ll drop mine here, thanks.


A few from me from yesterday’s stream - we flew the PMDG DC6 from Adelaide to Melbourne Essendon with a visual approach over the CBD and wow it was stunning! The cockpit screenshot is my favourite with the “window view” - looked like real life at one point!



The Sydney Harbour Bridge upside down

Uluru seen from my Cessna
Australian skies at FL390 somewhere above Queensland


Landing in Syd (YSSY) after a round Australia trip covering 6666 Nm

From Airport Code To Airport Code N Miles KM Duration Duration Min
Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport YSSY Coolangatta airport YBCG 366 678 0:57:02 57
Coolangatta airport YBCG Rockhampton Airport YBRK 330 611 0:54:09 54
Rockhampton Airport YBRK Mackay Airport YBMK 151 279 0:30:24 30
Mackay Airport YBMK Cairns YBCS 322 596 1:05:12 65
Cairns YBCS Horn Island Airport (Thu Island) YHID 427 791 1:11:21 71
Horn Island Airport (Thu Island) YHID Gove-East Arnhem Airport YPGV 338 625 0:55:09 55
Gove-East Arnhem Airport YPGV Darwin International Airport YPDN 349 646 1:02:05 62
Darwin International Airport YPDN Kununurra Airport YPKU 237 439 0:39:55 40
Kununurra Airport YPKU Broom Int Airport YBRM 395 731 1:01:06 61
Broom Int Airport YBRM Port Hedland YPPD 251 463 0:46:13 46
Port Hedland YPPD Learmonth YPLM 277 513 0:44:08 44
Learmonth YPLM Carnarvon YCAR 160 296 0:28:20 28
Carnarvon YCAR Geraldton YGEL 240 444 0:42:24 42
Geraldton YGEL Perth Int Airport YPPH 199 369 0:33:16 33
Perth Int Airport YPPH Albany YABA 202 374 0:36:05 36
Albany YABA Forrest YFRT 575 1065 1:27:16 87
Forrest YFRT Ceduna YCDU 297 550 0:51:16 51
Ceduna YCDU Adelaide YPAD 295 546 0:51:04 51
Adelaide YPAD Melbourne Int Airport YMML 347 643 1:03:24 63
Melbourne Int Airport YMML Hobart YMHB 332 615 0:53:43 54
Hobart YMHB Cooma Snowy Mountains YCOM 398 737 1:05:36 66
Cooma Snowy Mountains YCOM Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport YSSY 178 330 0:34:32 35
Total Nm/KM 6666 12341 Total Min 1131
Total Hours 18.85

The Aerosoft Twin Otter on location at Green Island, Great Barrier Reef:


How cool. Just flew over Cairns this morning (a bit overcast). Managed to find a the apartments where we stayed in Trinity Beach



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Mars on Earth


Rottnest Island WA

Near Peterborough VIC on the Great Ocean Road

The 12 Apostles, or what is left of them at least!


Hi all! Very nice update and also thank @Jummivana for this opportunities; this my entry, hope you guys enjoy!

Good luck,


Nighttime Bush Trip to Murchinson Radio-astronomy Observatory - remember to turn off the landing lights for a better view of the stars!


Brisbane CBD

Brisbane Airport