[OFFICIAL] Weekly Dev Update Screenshot Challenge: National Parks

Hello everyone,

Our screenshot challenge is now available to enter via Twitter with #MSFSchallenge!

It’s time for another screenshot challenge! The idea is to collectively explore different parts of the world together - areas that may be very familiar to you or perhaps a new place you have never flown before. Feel free to find others to fly with to capture the challenge, or go solo!

Last week’s winner from Dream Vacation: @AdventureJoe978

This Week’s Challenge

National Parks: Do you have a favorite national park from your country, or have you visited one internationally that you love? Capture a screenshot of a national park from around the world, and let us know what that park is!

We will be flying around a national park that borders the US and Canada in tomorrow’s weekly Fly-in, so come fly with us and take a screenshot! <3 [OFFICIAL] Community Fly-In Friday: Waterton Glacier International Peace Park

If you have any screenshot challenge ideas for the future, send @Jummivana a DM!


  1. Any time of day
  2. Any type of weather
  3. Code of Conduct appropriate liveries
  4. Default aircraft or aircraft from the MSFS Marketplace
  5. Up to 10 entries (screenshots) allowed

The rest is fair game! Use your creativity! We will pick the top 11 shots. 1 will be featured as the main photo of the next dev update and the other 10 will be featured in the community section.

You may also add a watermark or username to your image if you wish.

How To Submit Your Screenshot

Just post them below here in this thread, or tweet your photo with the #MSFSchallenge hashtag!

Note: This thread is for screenshot submissions only. Unless you have a particular question about the challenge, please do not engage in casual conversation here. Thank you!


Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park New Zealand.


Half- Dome and El Capitan, Yosemite National Park in California.
Visited the other day as part of my C152 world tour on Xbox. I left the UK heading east just after console launch and I’m still going.


C172 over Northern Germany, Jasmund National Park POI


C172 over Exmoor National Park, Bristol Channel, GB (no POI)


Banff National Park


Cairngorms National Park Scotland



Norway’s Seiland National Park

Quebec’s Jacques-Cartier Park

Haleakala National Park, Maui, Hawaii

France’s Calanques de Marseille

Grand Teton, Wyoming

YellowStone National Park, Montana


Taken during the fly-in today. Lovely flight!

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Namib-Naukluft National Park


Lake Powell, Utah. Cessna 172

Khao Sok National Park

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Wrangell-St. Elias National Park & Preserve near the toe of the Malaspina Glacier

Along the Gulf of Alaska Coast, heading towards Dry Bay, boundary of the Tongass National Forest and Glacier Bay National Preserve.

Glacier Bay National Park, near Mt… Fairweather

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Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming USA captured on Xbox series X

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C172 over Bosnia, Sutjeska National Park


Schiermonnikoog National Park is a national park in the Dutch province of Friesland.

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Lake Gordon - Franklin Gordon Wild Rivers National Park - Tasmania


Great Smoky Mountains National Park, as seen on descent into Asheville, NC

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