Ok so that's why Asobo Downgraded his game on PC?

But some folks have had endure unnecessary downgrades and that’s for me something that needs to be put off.

Why I’m here and annoying to some.

You can check this about what I’m talking about.


Well I’m loving it because it no longer CTDs in VR if you have a Radeon card and the G2 headset. That was a massive pain. Now some with nVidia cards are getting the same random CTDs, so I feel for them.

There are definitely some problems in VR though, washed out colours and especially clouds that are both degraded and too bright.

We are also getting some weird flickering with shadows and reflections at water edges shimmer for some reason.

Still perfectly flyable for me and so much smoother.

Hopefully all fixable when France comes back from their August vacances.

Yea like fixing weather, that seems to be a 1+ year project

I hope you are right, but my feelings told me some different.

They had to make a compromise, graphics quality vs performance.

Console is an important market segment.

I personally think it’s good enough, barring the code quality control gone bad (ctds etc.).

Roll over and crashes: Maybe this happened before, but this was not there at the lakes I landet, before SU5 with the ICON. About the render scaling: Is set to 200. LOD settings I tried with 3.000000 but could not see any effect. I will try it again.

Hey hey man! This is not done without a reason and you know this. Many people have no idea on how to maintain a stable sim and they are helped out by some ever friendly co-simmers. Just read the many threads where this advice actually helped the OP’s to get flying again.

Please back off from the fanboy, white knights, apologists, positivists polarization. It is not helpful, is it? Instead, thank people for their patience that they post the same thing patiently over and over again in different posts.

Actually, it’s not unlike what you are doing yourself, isn’t it? I’ve seen your pre SU3 story in more than 100 posts now, I guess. The difference is that this story doesn’t help anybody at the moment.

I’m not saying that you don’t help people, because you do. The difference is that I thank you for your help and even sometimes try to help you out. You are labeling a group of people here that actually are trying to help and that has to stop. You are better than this, I know!

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For me, that’s not an argument. Imagine you buy a 40 megapixel camera to have photos in top resolution and after a while the company reduces the resolution with a firmware update for whatever reason. Then my purchase argument is no longer available.

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I really hope you are right.

I have a thread about the “tiling” happening in Scandinavia. The textures load in squares like a chessboard at sub 3000 feet.

It did not take long before people started replying that it will be fixed with SU5.

Well, here we are and it still does it. It is incredible how often white knights jump in as soon as they see chances pop up.

The tiling is still there, should I go back to my post and contact those people and say “Did you not say they will fix this in the next update”?`

Or the “fixed” weather…

Crunchmester71 has a point, and if anyone helps other people it is him for sure…


If you would have followed my various (documented !) submits and opinions on the subject I put on this forum directly after SU-4, you’d realize I have always advocated keeping Ultra in like it was at SU-3… and NOT TO set quality equal for unequal hardware.

Your comparison is a false one, MSFS is software, not hardware. There is no camera CCD being replaced, some settings were tuned, to give PC and XBOX members a level playing field during the initial release, to avoid massive complaints. This forum, Zendesk and Asobo/MS have enough on their plate. In my opinion, the MSFS user (any user) should be able to set General Settings stuff to any value he/she likes it to be. Just support the sliders and other wishes. Everybody. XBOX users as well.

I don’t agree with turning a technical issue into an accusation, of “the developers” undermining groups of people (us, PC users),. We now have a topic (this) of 285 submits in General Discussion repeating the downgrading narrative endlessly.

I agree with the opening technically, I don’t agree with the tone of it.

Microsoft / Asobo do not deny that they have “tuned” the quality down. I upgraded my hardware to get the quality of the Sim, which was proven in many pictures and videos, including those from Microsoft. An XBox user invests $ 800 and then gets the quality he buys for $ 800. I’m investing € 4000 to get the quality documented by Microsoft. Then, with several software updates, the quality of the SIM is reduced to almost the quality of the $ 800 device. It’s not OK. If this is a bug that will of course be fixed, then my sim world is fine again. I apologize for the harsh tone of my post, but the disappointment with the quality of the graphics was just too great.


You could thank people for jumping in, instead of sticking them in a box and putting a derogatory label on them. It’s just very impolite what you are doing here.

Besides? Did you read my post? I mentioned that I thank the Crunch for all his help.

What does your post add to the discission? Zero!

Firmware is Software.

Take some Screenshots at fully Sunshine. In the early morning and the late afternoon, the exposure is fine.
I know what I say about overexposured scenery, I work as a photographer and the comparison between before and after is documented hundreds of times on the internet.

I have a mid-level pc, and MSFS is C…P ! So please, don’t put us mid-level pc users in the same basket as ■■■■ console gamers.thank you

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I had that too on an "older"pc, stop talking about what you don’t know. Older pc’s are not console level …

Please… show us the evidence.