PC - CTD both Safe Mode and Normal Location Specific (Washington DC Mall)

That’s the way out I found, thank you!

Yes, Now, I can fly Washington DC area after deleting the file. But the main KDCA airport terminal buildings have disappeared. But, without terminal buildings is better than CTD.

I had previously bought a third party add on—Drezweicki’s KDCA, and I loaded it in my community folder after applying the fix. Of course that loaded all the terminals back. Not sure if there is any other add on for KDCA, but that might work for adding the terminals back at KDCA. Just a thought. Cheers.

ssy523 Same experience here At least Im not getting a ctd anymore since renaming the file.

I found the post.
CTD with SU6 in various areas (100% repeatable) - MSFS DevSupport (flightsimulator.com)

I think they will soon make a hot fix for it.


Same issue for me. Passing through or spawning near Washington DC area cause a CTD. Even if MSFS runs in normal or safe mode. FOr example i can’t choose KCGS airport. Sim crashes during the flight preparation.

SU7 is out in 3 weeks
Not sure they’ll push a hotfix that close :man_shrugging:t3:

Do you know if this workaround remove the Drezweicki’s KDCA add on? I purchased this add on and I´m not sure if I apply the change will remove it.

Looks like SU7 confirmed.


It wont. You should be able to use it with no problems.

Fix worked; thank you!!! had an ONAir Delivery a week late that I finally got into KCGS.

Yes i also get ctd 100% of the time when trying to load into KDCA

Can’t find the file. Can you share the path? I have the steam version. Thanks

Thanks to the helpful folks on this forum… should have started here first, as my day would have been less frustrating.

I have both the DC Scenery and the Regan airport scenery and by renaming/deleting the file in question, there is no impact that I was able to determine.

Flying from KBWI to KDCA consistently does the CTD as I fly the DCA ILS 01 approach. Renaming that file has temporarily cured the CTD. Thanks for the workaround. I’m surprised you could pin it to that specific file. Way to go!


@Nirgal2776 was the Tech Dev who found it …

It was just the last file MSFS has accessed before CTD (viewable by using Procmon.exe (from systernalssuite from Microsoft) while using the sim.

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This is known and there is a work around here:

Thanks for sleuthing it!

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Yes, and it was shared to this thread by the people in that thread to let as many people know who were seeing this problem as possible.