Pilot Career Mode

Imagine MSF having a Pilot Career Mode? And I know this is a simulator and not your typical arcade tv game like the GTA’s of the gaming world. At least Microsoft can work on filling up a plane with people, right? A cabin crew. Having animations of Pilots carrying out actions in the cockpit. I mean racing games have drivers in the car imitating real-life maneuvers. It will add so much realism to the sim. And that is what sim is all about, Realism.

Having a Pilot Career Mode where you get your pilot license(s) (PPL and CPL) as an 18-year-old, working your way up from a Bush Pilot to getting hired by Big Airliners flying airbuses. I think it will add to the longevity of the MSF.

Would love to know what the community thinks.


The FSX missions were basically in this direction (not exactly a career mode as the missions didn’t relate to each other but at least you had something senseful to do with some goal)

Also at least in FS9 there still was a training career - you had to do the training missions to get some kind of flying licenses on the end of each training section (like PPL ratings for single engine/dual engine/IFR)

I’d love to see a “proper” career mode sometimes, for now there is already a wishlist topic about the FSX style missions :slight_smile:

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Do you have a link to that Wish list discussion? I’m still very new to this Website and to MFS. Thanks

Sure, here you go :slight_smile:

And even one about a career mode:

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