Pilot's lounge - What did you do in MSFS today?

It has been issue multipe times in the “What did you do in MSFS today?” topic that conversations about flying tend to go off-topic causing flags and deletions.

I’d like to dedicate this topic for just such discussions in order to have somewhere to do so, while keeping that thread clean.


@Jimrh1993 :

The HondaJet is single pilot licenced IRL, no need for a team to fly it. The G3000 is magnitudes simpler to handle than the typewriter style FMS in other aircraft, you can set up almost all of the flight very quick, very easy and very simple.

However I would welcome too a shared cockpit feature built in the game, as I did have this problem with the A310. I’d really love to sit beside someone experienced and learn the ropes as you would do in the real thing.

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Hello @Tuffbull7923,
Thank you for opening this topic. We do like see that topic https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/what-did-you-do-in-msfs-today-part-2/553275 stay on-topic with minimal off-topic posts.

I will post a link to your topic on it for others to take discussion to here.

One of the reasons I like the PMDG DC-6 is its implementation of “the rest of the cockpit crew” in the sim.

The DC-6 is actually a complex aircraft to fly with four 18 cylinder radial engines, (which are almost a college course in themselves), a zillion dials and gauges, enough switches, leavers and buttons to stock Digikey’s parts catalog, and so forth.

PMDG solves this problem by implementing a virtual flight crew that’s accessable via a “tablet” on the right hand side.  When you “swing it out” you can do a number of things which includes delegating tasks to the other crew members - as is done in real life.

I have never seen anyone mention anything like that for any of the other “larger” aircraft like the Airbus or Boeing aircraft, and I haven’t even tried them as it’s just too scary.

Do you know how people do this?

Well, in simulators these aircraft are flown single pilot. These modern airliners are pretty much automated, especially the Airbus ones. Its not a big challenge to operate them. Way easyer than a DC6.

The biggest taks is to actually learn how to set them up correctly trough the FMC/MCDU and how to operate the autopilot. But once you have learned this, you can almost operate any modern airliner, as they usually are pretty similar. Especially Boeing and Airbus have Autothrottle/Autothrus, so you dont even have to manage the engines at all during flight. As in real world, as soon these planes air airborne, Pilots fly hands off and their main job is monitoring (fuel, systems, etc.).

Unfortunately, this makes them a little bit boring.

When you fly online on VATSIM with human ATC to busy airports, yes, then there are situations where you wish you had a co-pilot who handles the Radio, so you can fly the plane. But thats rather rarely the case, usually its not a big challenge to fly them alone, really.

I prefer the more “manual” planes tho, like A CRJ which has no autothrottle and automated VNAV for descent, so the pilot has more to do during flight, but even that is absolutely managable alone.

The BaE146 can also be a bit demanding for a single pilot, as it isnt as easy to manage as the new Boeing/Airbus tubeliners.

Id really give it a go, if you are interested in more modern airliners. If you are not familiar at all with them, there will be a learning curve in the beginning, but if you get past that, its very rewarding. :slight_smile:


That’s the very reason I tend to avoid airliners. They do interest me as a challenge, but if anyone knows how to upvote the copiloting feature let me know.

Older big planes like the DC6 are even scarier, though that tablet based delegation sounds like a good idea.

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I first had the idea to make this topic when someone got a “last warning” there. I thought that these discussiins arw worth having, but it is also true that we shouldn’t derail that thread.

I think as long as it is about flying or at least related to that, this thread would do just fine instead of private messages. But of course it very well might be that within a month it will auto close. We’ll see


@GalinaGE90115B :

That must have been annoying. I mean that achievement takes a veeeeeeery long flight. 8 hours or even more my guess would be. I noticed that a lot of stuff does not work unless you use the built in ATC, which kind of meh, as it could use a lot of improvement.

Since I started flying on vatsim hardly any takeoffs were logged, no IFR hours were logged either, etc etc. As well as the shared cockpit feature, correct taxi route markings, the ingame ATC should need a serious overhaul. Something like pilot2atc, that knows about SIDs and STARs and takes spoken responses…


Because the shortcomings are known I have resorted to two things: 1. fly IFR entirely on Vatsim and VFR offline without Multiplayers or ATC.
That gives me:

  • reliable ATC from real People
  • no funny Multiplayers buzzing the tower or flying 747s under bridges etc
  • and VFR offline lets me sightsee where I want to. I go mostly to visit places I have been to in real life and often there are restrictions that you can’t fly in certain areas. So I fly offline.
    So in short I don’t experience any of the problems you outlined.

The sim autopilot does know about SIDs and STARs, although it’s not very good at them. It’s not really very good at anything unfortunately.

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I have never been instructed to any SID or STAR when flying IFR on default ATC. I only ever get clearance as filed. But I do get assigned visual approaches, but usually with no chance to report runway in sight, so then I don’t get clearance to land. Also speech recognition would make even the stock ATC zounds more immersing, while I believe nothing beats vatsim with real people, it is too oftrn that no controller is online anywhere near your route. I like the idea of pilot2atc but it does not communicate with anyone else, which is a huge off

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You can set them up in the world map by selecting IFR flight and then use the drop-down menus. I don’t think they happen by any other means.

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That’s interesting!

I have read several articles and seen a few videos on pilot simulator training, and - with a few exceptions, perhaps - two-seater aircraft always fly with two people, as that’s the expectation in real life.

An article I read years ago about pilot training in the Embraer 135/145 talked about two student pilot’s in the cockpit and Kelsey on his YouTube channel, 74 Gear, mentions chech rides in the simulator where the other pilot is the check pilot and the “instructor” sits in the back thinking of absolutely evil things to throw at the unsuspecting fool.

In any event, it has always been a full crew complement, (except in some NTSB investigation videos).

Maybe the situation you’re describing is an airline with a different test methodology?

I ran into that with my very first IVAO “buddy flight” out of Ostafyeav and I was desperately trying to line up the plane and stay on the glide path visually, when all of a sudden someone comes online as ATC at that lonesome tower and starts asking questions and giving instructions while I’m on short final.

Since I had both hands full of stick and throttle, (and I can’t type with my feet!), I just said “Fuzz THIS!  I’ll argue this on the ground!” and kept on flying the landing.

My friend, (who is much more experienced), told me that I did the right thing and had a private convo with that (also new) controller later on.

We are talking about a consumer product here, a game, not professional certified pilot / multicrew training.

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I mistook that for a comparison to how pilots train IRL.

I flew the DC6 on a short 50 min flight from Duluth MN to Minneapolis. I’m still learning this awesome bird, but I’ve been slowly removing duties of the automated flight engineer and doing some of them myself.

I have descending and approaches now figured out enough to be dangerous, today when on approach I lost engine number 1, my bad for not paying enough attention to her. But we got her down safely. haha Good times…


I just hung around in the lounge long enough to feel sober and went on and started my scheduled flight.
All seems good although I did forget my overnight. The flight attendants were a bit late because of a bus breakdown at the hotel. We got off on schedule, however, my first officer keeps looking at me for some reason.

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Where is that?  How much does it cost?

3 places I know of :slight_smile: …may be more. Don’t think about the price, just buy it :wink:

1] Jeppeson2001 | Victoria Falls Scenery Package - Animated Falls & Rapids, 4 Bush Strips, 30 Helipads for Microsoft Flight Simulator | MSFS


3] Jeppeson2001 Victoria Falls for MSFS – iniBuilds Store

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@CasualClick: How did it go? London City is a giant I just cannot conquer. I never get the landing right with the 5.5 degree glideslope instead of the usual 3. I overcompensate before flaring, flare too high, then bounce off or worse…

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