Pilots POV, adjusting seat height

Is the seat height adjustable?

Yes. Its set on 50 you can change it to 70 or whatnot. Can’t remember where I saw it. Might have been in controller settings.


Yes, it can be ajusted. Look into your control bindings. I think it’s called something like cockpit view up/down or so. Can’t remember exactly, but you should be able to find it.


I set keybinds so I can change it during flight but you can also set the defaults under the Camera menus “Cockpit Camera” heading. The setting is called “Height”.


You can also quickly raise it by pressing spacebar.


Thank you, folks.

Its the arrow keys on keyboard let you move around the cockpit

I’ve increased the cockpit height in the camera menu from 50 to 80. This provides a mush more realistic cutoff angle for all aircraft and I don’t need to fiddle around with the seat height during the flight.
I’m not changing the seat height IRL either (except on +8hrs long range flights)

It is in the general settings that you can reach through the main menu or by pressing escape in flight. There’s a camera section and a cockpit subsection.


Thank you :+1:t2:

what would be nice is a camera reset to custom cockpit camera view so i dont have to keep loading custom camera cuz the camera reverts back to original view after resetting using focus , cuz apparently ppl sit on the side or lip of seats now…

You may be able to do that in the options. Try the various focus camera options

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yeah it doesnt, have played with it for over an hour even tried key bindings… even binding load custom cam 1 requires multiple presses to get it to load correctly. just want to see a non instrument view focus mode. just a toggle set zoom would be good.

using CTRL+LEFT-ALT + 1-9 keys to set cockpit camera preset doesn’t do it? LEFT-ALT 1-9 recalls the position?

i have the custom cam 1(ctrl+left-alt 1) bound to dpad up on my controller… but it takes several button presses to get it to load the custom cam in proper postition and honestly im tired of focus zooming into instrument panel requiring me to even have the button bound in first place. i dont see why they cant make a focus without instrument view… or have reset camera button that resets to the original cockpit or custom cockpit view based on wat was used last.

Ok, not sure what’s going on with that. If I set up the custom cam, I just press Alt-1 and it jumps straight there. I don’t think I’m following what you are experiencing

try it on controller and u will know wat i mean. no reason they cant have a toggle set zoom button, ive been playing for nearly 2 weeks and this is getting extremely annoying.

Ok, still not seeing it. I set up on the d-pad to be “load custom camera 1” . I also unbound up on the d-pad from “next cockpit camera” which is what it was bound to by default. Then I can pree up on the d-pad and it jumps directly to my custom camera view. As far as I can tell it doesn’t matter where in the cockpit I am looking at, pressing up on the d-pad jumps to that view. Did you remove the previous binding? I think that could be an issue

yes i completely remapped controller mouse and keyboard… are u zooming into instrument panels through focus? cuz anytime i press it usually sets me to regular cockpit view first and toggles between custom and regular cockpit view

it swaps between 4 different views

Sorry for the length of this post, but I will try to explain all my settings and how I use them. That might help you see how you want to get yours to work. In some ways the camera system is too flexible - it takes getting used to understanding how it works and what you can do with it. So far, I’ve not found anything you can’t do.

For example, there is this post in the guides section for locking a cockpit camera on the outside of the plane…which might actually be what you want to do. [HOW-TO] Cockpit camera outside the cockpit

First off, here are my camera option settings:

Next, I have a Honeycomb Yoke, and this has an 8 way hat and 2 buttons that I use for views. See the bindings below (I’ve ignored external, just looking at cockpit views for now):

So if I’m in the cockpit, the default view looks like this (in the TBM):

There are then four diffrent views from the pilot seat, accessed using the NEXT or PREVIOUS pilot view buttons (mapped to POV up and POV down on my yoke). They look like this:

Out the window:

Wider version of default:



From the instruments one, I can press the POV hat left or right to cycle through views of each instrument, like this:

Right once:

Right again:

Right again:

Right again:

Right again:

Right again takes me back to the initial instruments view:

I can do the same going left if I want, but obviously in reverse order

From any of these instrument screens, pressing the reset cockpit view button (joystick button 2 in the mapping) takes me back here:

Then I can press up to look wider (once), out for landing (twice), or down back to the instruments

I use the mousewheel to zoom in if I need to, and hold right mouse and drag to pan around the cockit if I fancy it. So I might drag and pan for this view

And then zoom in with the scroll wheel on the FMC for this view:

Knowing that if I press joystick button 2, it resets back to the default cockpit view instantly

As we talked about before, I mapped a custom cockipt camera to ALT-1, and when I press it, I set it up to go to this view:

It doesn’t matter which view I am in from all the ones above, panned, zoomed, instrument view whatever, pressing ALT-1 takes me to that view every time

Once I’m in that view, the POV hat DOES NOTHING now. But if I press joystick button 2, it resets the cockpit view again to the default

So this is how I use it, and find that this works well. I think you could replicate all of that on a controller through the d-pad and one other button to reset the cockpit view. In effect (other than the custom view) I only use up, down, left, right and reset. In fact I rarely use the POV left because the instruments are all to the right and I never work back, I just press reset

The other thing I have is a further button on the yoke mapped to switch between internal and external view. These are the external view buttons I have mapped:

So Joystck Button 3 switches between cockpit and external and back again. Once in external I can use the POV hat to change the camera angle.

Joystick Button 2 again does the reset view - but this time resets the external view when external

Lastly, I use the INSERT key (by default I think) to switch between drone (showcase) and back again. If you are in the cockpit, press Insert to go to drone, press insert to go back to cockpit. If you are external, press insert to go to drone, press insert to go to back to external. In the drone cam, I use the xbox controller to fly the drone. It has lots of features, but at it’s most basic, left stick moves the drone left, right, forward, backward, RT goes up, LT goes down, right stick rotates. You can zoom, change speeds etc too, but I don’t really use that. You can press C to control the plane from the drone view - but remember this is a toggle and so if you go back to cockpit/external view and later come back to drone view, it will still be controlling the plane if that’s what you did last

I think a lot of this is personal taste to be honest. I’ve found this works for me. I did try the zoom function set to auto and focus mode not on toggle, but they seemed to do wierd things. I’ve just got used to working with what I use just now.

No idea if any of this helps you though.

Is my custom cam view the sort of thing you are trying to get? That’s this one:

I could zoom it in more, so you are basically hanging out the window, like this:

Let me know what you think