Playtime gone missing [Packages out of date]

Nope. No luck with that one…

I’m sure it is a question of time before they sort it out, cannot be otherwise …


Exactly. And in the meantime, I can fly just fine. That’s the important part to me.

Silver lining: I set up both my T16000.M and the key mappings I’ve been meaning to change, because of this glitch. And, I’ve got a nice clean logbook! :slight_smile:


Nice one, I was considering it but stocks are sooo limited. Using a yoke here and I have a MS sidewinder 2 FFB that works well for 20y with other sims such as DCS but not MSFS, go figure :frowning:

I got mine last year, set it up, and flew the airplanes! :slight_smile:

When the UI got wiped out I figured now’s the time to make all those little changes I wanted to make. Every single button is mapped now, for the controls I use on nearly every flight. So far, so good…

Lost all my progress the other day

Flying, packages out of date. Hit no and landed my plane. Exited sim. Next restart no logbook everything reset back to default. 0 Hours.

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Same happened to me. at first I thought it was my connection, but I was clocking 80+mbps. So not on connection. came across this thread and yeah same as everyone else so it is a server issue as many are saying.

■■■■ lost all 250+ of flying hours.

Actually don’t care for my hours flown. Please just make this sim works!!

One thing I noticed after fixing the issue by doing what Riverrover explained: all my settings where defaulted, like all of them on the options part. From Graphics to every detailed setting I ever changed.
Not a huge problem, just wanted to mention it.

It’s getting better and better with MSFS latest error since today

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You’ll often get that when the sim cannot connect to a server, which is what i suspect is at the root of all of these issues.

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For a company like Microsoft, what has been happening for the last 2 months is more than embarrassing.
this will surely get even better when the XBox version is released :confounded:

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Microsoft know no shame.

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Got the Packages out of date and a freeze/reset whilst in the middle of a group flight yesterday evening, tell me are many customers actually asking for these frequent updates which seem to always break existing functionality?, let alone sneaking in preparatory code without even forewarning the customer.

I had a better experience with the initial release than currently

Yea its just a game, but I can’t even get my money back as it was fit for purpose when purchased but no longer is

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Probably you need to repost this every 10 posts.

Writing seems easier than reading sometimes. As I wrote also, your procedure works fine.
Small addition: To see the closing (X) MSFS 2020 should be in windowed mode, can be set in game under options too.

Hi Guys I found a FIX!!!:

Go to your Options > (all the data settings will be turned off) > Turn them back on.

With the game still running > REMOVE your Community Folder > Then Select the Marketplace.

The message we have been getting will come up > Press YES to go to Start Screen.

Once press any key comes up hit Enter > Put back your Community Folder (game still running) and jobs a good’en…

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Will this get my log book back?, I have lost 1,200 hours

No. Raise a ticket so they have record that you’re also having the problem. The logbook is stored in the cloud, there is nothing you can do locally to recover it.


This has nothing to do with add ons, as it is a server side issue.

I would recommend to everybody to use the WT mods, as they make this beautiful sim way better.

I managed to fix the issue without loosing the log, but that seems to be random luck.

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I am beginning to think this is the result of an xbox update

I just performed the steps you described. It seems to work. And I didn’t loose my flight hours nor my logbook.

Thanks for posting this guide!