Please stop mandatory updates

I don’t think that the developers will ever make mandatory updates not mandatory. However, there is a wishlist item for allowing delayed updates so people can postpone them and run them overnight or at a more convenient time:


It is completely playable, been playing since day one. SOME people have issues and asobo should resolve them. MAJORITY of people don’t have serious issues.


Hi, having read your reply and others I’m getting a better understanding of the issue.

One of the problems for me and perhaps a lot of long term flight simmers is that unlike “gamers” who must be used to an online environment, this is a first time for me in 30+ years of simming that until now I have always had a stand alone sim.

Perhaps a short tutorial about the online nature of MFS would have been wise rather than assuming every new user would have an understanding. Nevertheless thats water under the bridge now and I concede that mandatory updates are required.

As to having a beta version of an update I have little faith in this process after seeing the results of months of alpha and beta testing prior to release. When one looks at the obvious errors and bugs that were in the release I sorry but to me it looked like many testers were just having a free ride and not very dedicated.

Harsh as that may sound I do speak with some insight as I have been conscientiously beta testing two large commercial apps for a number of years.

That aside I have now got my install of MFS back to a good state and enjoying the experience as before, just without clouds for now. I will start saving for a midrange graphics card in the meantime.

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On the server side, all they have to do is run (virtual) servers for the last version and the current version. Of course, they couldn’t support more than 2 version at the same time, but keeping the version N and version N+1 in parallel is entirely feasible.

The only alternative is testing, testing, and more testing, and letting the community test beta versions as well, and deliver new releases that are clean. This, in turn actually requires having some servers with the N+1 version, but their number would be limited as the beta testers would be limited to perhaps a couple hundred persons.

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I don’t agree i am afraid, I have been away from flight sims since the very first MSFS, I have had a couple of issues, but realise this is all part of the growing pains of a new Sim… remember others had some big issues at the start, and did not have the " Holy Grail " of Study level aircraft for some years after launch…

Sorry, @TheDaMnEd147 don’t understand what it is that you don’t agree with

I dont know why it picked yourself to disagree with, i ment i diagree with any attempt to remove mandatory updates…


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I agree, although I hardly have any problems, Asobo should make updates optional and / or allow rollback to previous versions when users run into problems. Can someone make a vote out of this?

Mandatory updates is a must … Keep it as is Asobo.


Thats totally pointless for this kind of a game. Or do you have any idea how the software should handle not only countless of different hardware configurations, thousands of different driver/software stats as well as the additional dozens or hundreds of conflicts caused by the different installation versions you want? This will end up in making an personal version of the software just for you and your (momentary) rig.

You can do this with standalone offline games very well but I fear its actually impossible with an massive online multiplayer game.

IMHO mandatory updates are a must to keep the whole thing consistent.


Agree. You can allow updates to be optional in a basic game like X-Plane, that has simple graphics, and no online multiplayer, but I don’t see that as an option with something like MFS.

The issue that annoys me the most and it has happened on numerous occasions so far is that I fly online with a group of Vatsim friends at 8.30pm. At 8.00pm I turn on the computer to prepare only to be confronted with a mandatory update that takes so long that I miss out on the group flight. Now every day I have to start the program in the morning just in case which is a solution but as I say most annoying.

Why not a delay from about 5 days maybe, where I can choose if want or not and make the Update on Weekend!
Allways has trouble with updates, yesterday it took 6 hours to update the sim.
On a weekday I had no time for this, there I had to work hard for the money that I gave also to MS/Asobo.

At the end of a hard days work I only wonna fly a little-nothing else.

Not everyone who sims is retiered or workless :wink:


I have the same issue and I can still fly if you select clear skies only. Also this problem is limited to older GPU’s. I plan to upgrade soon so that’s my fix. There is a Thread about it here - Owners of GeForce 600/700/900 series cards, please chime in

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That’s exactly what I want too.
Adobo should find a way to support the ‚older‘ client version on the server side for 1 or 2 weeks and let the user decide when he has time for update.

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A good idea in essence however we would have to put up with no streaming scenery as this would only be available after updating.

The update has made my experience much improved, I was already loving it. Why not investigate what could be causing your issue? Do you have mods? Set settings back to default and test, try changing certain graphical options etc. See if anything helps. If it doesn’t , report it to Zendesk. They can’t fix what they don’t know about.

Remember everyone has a different system, set up & configuration , there are countless different versions of PCs out there with over 2million players. All with different options and settings, it would be impossible for Asobo to take them all into account. Report your issue and give them a dxdiag, that way they have a chance of helping

Hi Neil, thanks for your response but you are replying to a quite old post from a previous update. As for, this went well for me and I’m extremely happy with it.

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Understand what you are saying however I am not convinced that everyone’s software needs to be updated in the cloud at the same time to sync all the inputs. I fly online with a number of MSFS users in Australia and we fly at the same time however we do not all get the update requirement at the same time. i.e. last week I got the mandatory 1.12.13…0 however some of the pilots still flew on the previous version because they did not have the mandatory update request yet. So we were flying online at the same time using different versions without any problems. If it is that important to get everyone on the same version maybe Asobo could give a time limit say 48 hours before the update becomes mandatory? That way when I go online to do a flight with others I am not suddenly prevented from doing so. I have posted this suggestion to the Zendesk accordingly.

I don’t want to offend the OP, but this idea is horrible due to a number of reasons:

  • Allowing users to run on multiple versions would mean they need to extend the scope of testing, as backend changes such as data or serverside updates can affect things even if Asobo software doesn’t change.
  • Troubleshooting and support gets really complicated, with different issues and scenarios affecting different users. It’s already extremely complex with all the hardware and OS parameters in play…now multiple that with X…
  • A nightmare for third-party developers, are they supposed to test on multiple versions? What if their updates won’t work on every available version? Are they supposed to work on multiple branches at the same time?
  • Hardware suppliers might need to offer several driver versions to different users, not speaking of the scenario where SimConnect gets updated…
  • Graphical drivers might impact both performance and bugs, depending which version of the game the user is using.

No, such a thing would complicate a very complicated software even further.

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