Poor Performance with RTX 3080 and 3900X CPU " Limited by MainThread"

extremely low fps and very low utilization of cpu and gpu. see the pic…

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Hello there.

RTX 3080/3900X@4.3/32GB 3600 CL16/4K Ultra.

Since USA update, more stutter for sure…

But I wanted to know also if the photogrametric trees are killing you like on my config…

Central Park in NYC : 15 FPS or less at 200-300 feets.

What are your FPS there in 4K Ultra ?

All around New york, every time there are a lot of trees in low altitude my FPS drop like crazy, but at the same time power consumption of the GPU drops… Usually 90-105%, drops to 50-80% when it happens.

Dev mode does not show a saturation of the Vram, but wondering if not the case in fact.

All around NYC I’m in low to high 30’s otherwise, around 500-600 feets. Only those trees are killing my config

We need feedback from 3090 users with their 24GB of Vram…

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I have an i9 CPU and RTX3090. I started having terrible stutters with any 460.xx driver. The cause was Gsync and my Acer 4k Freesync (supposedly compatible) monitors. They worked great in 45x.xx drivers but not with the latest.

Turning off GSync cured the stutter.
Do you Have a GSync monitor and is GSync turned on?
May be unrelated but just my personal experience.

I have also this Issue with my Ryzen 5 3600 and RTX 2070 S

no matter on which graphic setting i have the msfs 2020 such as low medium high or high end. I have Always between 20 - 30 FPS on the Ground and
in the Air between 30 - 35 FPS.

hopefully they will fix this in an future Update.

Or is my CPU to slow. is the CPU also the bottle neck in my system or the part that limits my System in MSFS 2020 ?

Even with my high-end rig I have the very same problems. Specs below.
This sim is an utter disaster!

Mainboard: ASUS Maximus X Hero Intel Z 370
CPU: Intel Core i7-8086K @ 4.0 GHz
Memory: 32GB Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR4-3000
Graphics Card: ASUS NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 10GB
Monitor ASUS PA 329 32" @ 4K
1 SSD Samsung 860 PRO 256 GB
1 SSD Samsung 860 PRO 4 TB
Windows 10 - 64 V. 2004
CH Pro combatstick, throttle and pedals

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Trees in photogrammetry areas at low altitude absolutely kill my performance as well. I usually get 30+ fps at altitude or in autogen areas, sometimes up to the 40s, but going low over big cities and airports can drop into the mid 20s. Flying over Central Park in Manhattan drops it to 15 fps or below; similar results seen with heavily tree-laden areas of Los Angeles and San Francisco.

This is with ‘high-end’ settings and 70% or 80% render scaling (either way it’s quite slow in this specific area) on Ryzen 3700X with RTX 2070 Super on a 4K display.

Dropping “trees” quality to “low” helps but it absolutely decimates the draw distance for autogen trees flying over the country, which really hurts the look when flying between cities.

Trees in autogen area do not slow down when close-up, even at “high” or “ultra”.

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I also have 10900k and rtx3080 and I have terrible vr performance. Soooo jumpy and stuttery even though fps is not bad. I have CV1 oculus. Glad it’s not just me

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I have an RTX 3070 and do not use VR, but the stuttering is bad for me as well. FPS is fine, but the stutters are terrible

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I can’t work out if it’s oculus drivers, Nvidia drivers, or fs2020 poor optimization. Maybe all 3. Icefall xplane 11 took years to get stable I hope that’s not the case here too #=(

I can nothing say about VR… for this we have also a seperate [category] (https://forums.flightsimulator.com/c/Bugs-and-Issues/vr/224). So, the sentence I wrote was for normal monitor users.

But my understanding is, that the Sync-Topic is same/similar. The main difference is, that you need in VR realy higher fps , compared with a monitor, because user-dizziness. But because two images must be rendered, the hardware have much more to do and thus it is more difficult to reach higher fps.

Same here with a 3080, i7 10700k 32 Gb 3600mhz ram.

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Same boat. I have a mishmosh of setting changes to get it at a constant 30fps tho.

Sim is CPU bound. Increase render scaling, helps a bit for me.

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I have an I7 9700K with all cores overclocked to 4.9ghz / 32gbRAM / 970 EVO Plus and a ASUS 3880 that is overclocked as well.

My render scale matches my 4K monitor 3840x2160 with every thing else set at max.

The A320 = 35FPS
The C152 = 50FPS

Not sure what CPU to move up to in order to get better performance. I keep looking at AMD but am I really chasing my own tail…

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I’ve actually managed to get “ok” performance on my PC (in VR - Oculus CV1) by limiting the oculus to 30hz and making sure that all my settings add up to no more than 33ms combined.
Once you go past 33ms you can no longer have 30FPS and stutters appear again.

The main things that I set to ensure <33ms are:
Rendering scale to 70 or 80 (with oculus asw auto and SS at 180-200%). This depends on the aircraft type.
See CptLucky8’s very useful guides…I use the above setting for the TBM with its EFIS and high speed.
If I use the Mooney I can up the render scale somewhat.
Draw distance at 70 for TBM/ IFR work and 150+ for low and slow VFR.

i9700k @5.0 on all cores
32GB 3000
M.2 system and MSFS directory

Dear Sir,
I have similar Dell T3500 config: Xeon X5687, 48ram, zotac mini gtx 1080, nvme950 + 860 sdd, win 10 latest build and Logitech G940 joystick. This machine I have also for more then 10 years with some upgrades. It never let me down. Still working like charm.

So, I play Msfs on Medium settings, on Dell U2711 res. 2560 x 1440 and I can achieve only aprox 21fps (in large cities 16 fps) with fbw-A32nx. With Cessna or similar around 25-27fps.
I have tried many config combinations, but no more fps were achieved.

I am kindly ask You if some advice is available from Your side to improve performance and fps.
Thank You
With kind regards, Marko

Turn up render scaling or other GPU-intensive settings to push load over to the GPU

10 year old CPU, and a server CPU at that. That’s going to give terrible single threaded performance, which is needed for this sim.
Only advise I can give it to get new hardware.


If he turns render scaling and GPU-intensive settings up, it could work, but it won’t be great