Popcorn clouds since SU8

Since the original thread got locked and nothing seemed to be done about it, I opened a new one.

Sim Update 8 introduced a new type of clouds: popcorn clouds. Small clouds everywhere as far as the eye can see.

Yes, same here. It seems that the Popcorn clouds appears where the weather has clear sky.


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SU8 brought great progress to the live weather, I agree. I could fully enjoy flying with live weather again, after months of battling the broken cumulus episode- If only the so-called “popcorn clouds” weren’t there. I hope Asobo is able to correct this seemingly small but quite annoying weather bug.

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If you want this looked into, you should enter a Zendesk support ticket from the Support tab at the top of each forum page.
In there look for Submit a Request.
Add a post in Bugs and Issues, Weather, and add the request # to your post.
After that, the more votes there, the closer to the top of the triage list it gets.


I haven’t played the game, is the issue with towering cumulus gone? Any variety in the clouds?

Uhm, for me the clouds look amazing. I really don’t know what else people want out of the sim when it comes to clouds. It’s by far light years ahead of any other sim. It might not look exactly like it is outside your windows, but very dang close.


Me too. Had some nice clouds over Edinburgh the other day

No doubt someone will point out that they are meteorologically impossible, but tbh I don’t care


That’s the answer to my question…no improvements then!..oh well Elden Ring calls!


Anyone from Edinburgh ever seen clouds like that over the city ?

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Amazing? Nah

volumetric clouds - ultra


They are rare in summer time let alone this time of the year… (typing from Northern Ireland)

Yep, I live there

I love it. “The clouds look great.” “No, the clouds are awful.” How do they fix that problem? :grinning:

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This topic specifically deals with the small clouds that were introduced in SU8. Any other cloud issues should be addressed in other topics.


These small random clouds don´t look bad in my opinion. Makes the weather systems a little bit more interesting with more variety.

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I really hope Asobo have some expert for the weather in their team, rather than listening to some of us…otherwise I can’t see that beautiful and realistic weather we had coming back.


The clouds in general look ok. The problem is that the sim has no more clear skies (live weather). Clear skies have popcorn clouds all the way to the horizon…


Yeah…those small popcorn clouds really don’t look very good. Reminds me of those old days with FSX default weather. :face_vomiting:


there are a few clouded judgements here…