Problem with setting buttons on instrument panel

Since the latest update, I am no longer able to set buttons on instrument panel with my mouse. The button will highlight when I hoover over it with mouse, but I can’t get it to set the button, etc. A message says to click on “?” but this doesn’t work either. I have tried going into the control settings to set keys to do this, but no luck. Nothing seems to work.
Any suggestions? What am I missing?
I have the Microsoft version.

Long post, but see this and also the post immediately above it. Please mark this as solved if it helps you. Thanks.

Go to
Options > general options > accessibiliti > cockpit interaction system
Select LEGACY and save changes.

Also select default mouse profile.

Go to options > controls options > mouse
Select default profile and save changes

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Selecting LEGACY HELPED, but the mouse can’t operate the switches.

Also select default mouse profile.

Go to options > controls options > mouse
Select default profile and save changes

So mouse interaction doesn’t work anymore?

Yes, it seems that with the recent update I am able to set buttons on instrument panel. It is awkward, but doable.

I had the same problem,when i got close to the setting it would turn blue,i changed my settings from modern to legacy and that fixed the problem,good luck

i did that and it didnt work foe me

Here are my bindings

I have the same problem (b747), cannot engage Heading Selector - clicking on the SEL button top doesn’t work at all.
Also clicking on the Speed button doesn’t work.
I changed mouse to deafault and flight to legacy, nothing changed for better.

hi its me again,maby i can help you a little this time.theres a button on the 747,called the lnav ,its between the heading and speed indecator,click on it and it lights up,on some aircraft theres a nob you turn to heading,try thatand just leave it on through your flight,hope this will help.let me know if this helped,thanks

im sorry ,on some aircraft there’s a knob that says nav,turn the knob to nav .I get so frustrated with these aircraft if you find out how to open up a radio panel id like to know how,i think the only one is the cessna 150 good luck

I’m sorry if i replied to your post already,i had the same problem and to change my setting from modern to legacy in general options,good luck,let me know how it works out,thanks

The trouble with this interface is that if the plane is bouncing around you can’t get at the controls with the mouse.

The new interface is horrible. Try setting aileron trim by moving a mouse left and right, rather than single clicking left/right in 0.1 degree increments…like it used to do.

Clearly it’s been designed for XBox now…with the PC an complete afterthought. It’s not becoming more unusable on a PC. So sad.

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Correct me if I am wrong, but last time I checked XBOX does not have the mouse. For the gods sake, can you leave mouse interactions the same if you detect the mouse? Why create this MODERN / LEGACY split? Is it THAT hard to figure out?

Moving view with controller WILL NEVER be the same interaction as moving the mouse. Please don’t try to merge them together, you are just over complicating things. And then calling mouse LEGACY is the icing on the cake.

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The voice of reason.

I have tried Lnav, Vnav, Rnav and everything else I could think of, including full screen and windowed versions.
Nothing helps.
It did work OK a month or so ago, now it just doesn’t. Altogether the whole thing with pushing buttons seems quite erratic sometimes. It was much better in FSX and even before.

Are you writing about Xbox? Because this thread is about PC with mouse.

I was talking about XBOX, because as I understand, mouse behavior changes were made to work with any controller and not only mouse, in preparation for MSFS release to XBOX. My argument is that mouse is sufficiently different and more flexible interaction to be further improved on its own, and not be adapted into a control scheme where the letters have to be big, mouse movement is sluggish and follows the view (because it’s not a mouse but a controller).