QUEST 3 issues

Curious, did you solve it?

one thing that is a major tick on my vr-start-checklist: make sure HDR is OFF !!! in windows as in the sim settings. especially with dx12 (im using dx11) HDR causes exactly the problems you described on my system… also with link cable. otherwise what also causes artifacts is too high resolution, asw and sometimes the bitrate seems to be involved too. also when I load full fsltl and ga offline traffic in vr, I get stuttering and atrifacts, so whenever your system is overloaded, your vr experience wont be enjoyable (makes sense lol)


He is a desperate update of my problem. Motherboard has been changed and then graphic card and finally the all computer has been changed. When it comes to the QUEST 3, it has also been change as well the the cable link. So definitely hardware is fresh new and has nothing to do with my issue. I tried to follow all possible different option I found on forum/tuto but still same issue. Whatever I try everything is blurry when I move. it is blurry at high speed, but at low speed when I take off, I see all objects duplicated. And not duplicated very close to each others, it looks like there is 1m in between objects. But something strange to me is that cockpit has no problem inside, bit only impact objects outside. if it was a refresh rate issue or synchronization issue, it will impact everything, not only outside of the cockpit. I really don’t get how you guys made it works with the Quest 3, especially as I duplicated settings from people with exactly same setup.

Are you using a USB 3.0 or 3.2 port for your link cable, as running with anything less might cause problems. Also, do you have anything else plugged into USB ports on your PC, as there will be a limit as to how much power a motherboard’s USB ports can provide? Maybe just unplug anything that you don’t need and try again. Are you using the Meta link cable or a 3rd party offering, as not all cables will provide the same bandwidth?

Also, maybe do a check of any active software, particularly any supplied by the Mobo manufacturer, that might be running in the background on your PC. I had real issues with ASUS sonic studio, for example, so if you don’t use it, close it down, at least temporarily and try the headset again.

Maybe consider giving Virtual Desktop a go. I have a 5800x3d/RTX4080/32GB system and my Quest 3 runs fine with that. I know that VD will cost around £15, but if it works, that might at least confirm that the issue is indeed something to do with the USB connection.

Oh, and maybe try dropping all settings in MSFS to the absolute minimum and make sure that you don’t have more than 1 piece of software trying to generate additional frames. I’d guess that things are likely to get really messed up, if you have frame generation switched on in MSFS/Nvidia, oculus debug tool and OpenXR.

Just a random set of thoughts, but hopefully one of them might be of some use.

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I formatted my computer 3 time and now nothing else is running on top of it. All my ports are usb 3.2 based on datasheet. I’m using official meta cable link and it’s fesh new. Yes I have others devices connected to usb (keyboard, mouse and thrustmaster TCA devices)
I tried also to drop all setting to minimum but it’s exactly the same (expect everything is horrible)
If the issue was coming from cable or from any refresh rate, I would have also issues in the cockpit which is not the case. Of course objects are not moving much in the cockpit compared to outside…

Have you tried asking on the Meta forum? It’s been a little quiet on there lately, as perhaps bizarrely, it’s been taking multiple attempts to log in, but that appears to have improved recently.

The only other thing that I’ve heard from peeps having issues with the link cable are connected to the choice of encoder and the max bitrate, which apparently has to be pasted into the debug tool, but you’d get more from peeps who have possibly experienced the same issues as yourself.

Can you share NVCP settings? I can recommend mine which works flawlessly:

NOTE: This is not a performance aimed setting. I am pursuing the best clarity but even with my 3090TI i have a smooth performance so for you it should be even better. You should check if your Power Management is set to “Maximum Performance”