[RELEASE] Roman Design CYOW Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International Airport

I’m excited to announce the release of Roman Design CYOW Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International Airport for MSFS!

The airport is available now on Roman Design website

It took a long time of a very dedicated and and extremely hard work to develop this and your support is truly appreciated!

I would love to encourage feedback on this scenery, so any issues are addressed and possible improvements are released in an upcoming update, which will also feature detailed Ottawa Flying Club buildings and Sander Geophysics hangar for the GA area, animated people around the terminal and more airport buildings.


  • Custom high-resolution PBR materials
  • Over 30 hand-crafted airport buildings meticulously modeled for full immersion
  • Terminal building with interior modeling, tinted windows, and passengers throughout the terminal
  • ATC Tower with interior modelling
  • 5 Open hangars with interior modeling and starting spots
  • Handcrafted Runways with custom authentic striped markings and true to life (and charts) lighting – they now look like a Canadian runway should look
  • Custom taxiways with filly authentic custom ground markings true to life and charts
  • Custom taxiway night lighting
  • Custom taxiway signs as close to life as possible
  • Custom aprons with authentic hand-made ground markings and wear and tear
  • Custom runway approach lighting true to life and charts
  • Parallax windows on most buildings with reflective glass and night lighting, based on custom 3D room interior renderings
  • Multiple signs with emulated fluorescent night backlighting, 3D modelled letter-shaped signs, and other custom signage throughout the airport
  • Custom night lighting throughout the airport, including passenger and cargo terminals, hangar exterior and interior lights, Deicing area
  • Hundreds of objects placed throughout the scenery to create an immersive experience
  • Animated flags that respond to wind direction
  • National Research Council Canada – aerospace facilities, including a wind tunnel complex
  • Ottawa Flying Club – improved GA runway, taxiways, aprons and buildings – custom detailed 3D modeling of 4 OFC buildings coming very soon in a free update


I hope you enjoy this scenery and please share your comments here!


Super excited about this! About to fly KDCA-CYOW in the CR5. Canada eh?

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Tell me how it was, and leave a review on my site, if you can. If you subscribed to email notifications, you will get notified about an update when it’s out.

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This looks awesome, great job!

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Sweet! Will be replacing my Simaddons scenery with this one for sure

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Done and extremely well done as far as the airport is concerned. As I said in my review, your airport is well worth the money and compares favorably to products by Drzewiecki Design and Aerosoft. Highly recommend. The pictures really say it all. Great attention to detail and I love the main terminal modelling. My only nitpick would be that the ramp markings look a bit too fresh. For those thinking this isn’t a “Must Buy” because it is Ottawa, United Airlines offers CRJ service from both Washington-Reagan National and Washington Dulles. Pairing this airport with Drzewiecki Design’s Washington D.C. scenery and Reagan National Airport makes for a highly immersive experience. Calling @FilbertFlies–I suspect that you will want to do a proper review of this airport.

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Thanks! Glad to hear that. I will actively contact reviewers after I release the update so the full experience is reviewed. But I won’t say no to early or preliminary reviews.

Ramp markings and painted lines are a challenge: not because I can’t make them faded enough, but because some lines and hatched areas (yes, red ones) are not possible to replace with my own materials. So my markings and lines have to coexist with default ones, and can’t be too different. So there is some fading and wear on the lines, markings and runway markings, but not too much to make them stand out. For instance, I have reworked and manually places all runway markings wiht a striped and slightly faded realistic markings with some rubber marks on them. However the numbers are still default and generated by the sim. so the markings can’t be a lot dimmer. Also, it was a long battle I almost lost, to get the lines wiht black borders crisp enough without too many artifacts: MSFS heavily downsamples ground marking textures (that’s why they are always blurry, no matter how large the source texture is), so I was getting huge problems with square blobs of black mud on my lnes as downsampling artifacts. There needs to be sufficient contrast to avoid those. Anyway, for now I thinkg the markings are a good compromise, all considered.

I don’t know about anyone else but this scenery causes a CTD once it loads…no idea why…

I had 51 sales so far (in 1.5 days) and no other CTD complaints. But MSFS is prone to CTDs generally. It drove me crazy in development. Editor could CTD when I was just moving around on occasion. So something else can be affecting your particular case. Try moving everything from the Community folder and just leave CYOW there. See if you have a CTD then. If no - the problem is with something else.
There is definitely no CTD in my sim when loading the scenery - I did it many times, obviously. It can CTD when opening Scenery Editor project though, but that’s my pain, not yours :slight_smile:

Feel free to contact me in the messenger/chat on my website or through email if you will need more help figuring this out.

I am too having CTD. never have any CTD at any other airport .!!

I am having exactly same problem.

OK, let’s get to the bottom of this. I think it was you who just emailed me? Let’s talk it over email then.

so thrilled to be buying and trying it when I get back to my computer next week. Hope you do CYYZ as well. Got all the other Canadian mods from you. Top notch stuff!

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Thanks! Let me know how it goes. FlyTampa is working on CYYZ for a long time, hopefully they will release soon. Not a good idea for me to do a competing scenery.

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In that case, if I had a wish for Canada, I’d wish for CYQB or CYUL. Or maybe some more scenery.

Well, I appreciate someone competing with the usual suspects doing quality scenery.

CYUL should be covered by FlyTampa. CYQB is a possiblity…

I am still waiting for CYOW appears on MarketPlace.

After that, please also consider CYEG - very similiar to CYOW layout. And then CYHZ and CYYC, in case other large airports are under progress by other big developers.

It will be released in the MSFS Marketplace, but it’s going to take a while to go through the QA etc. and updates will appear later as well. I have submitted but don’t have a date yet.

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Out of 61 people who bought and installed the scenery in 3 days since release, there were 2 people who experienced CTDs and contacted me. Suspecting a conflict from another scenery, I advised them to remove everything but my CYOW from their Community folder for testing - and that has cured the problem in both cases. Then, bringing scenery one by one, as I recommended, one of the two have found the offending scenery.

It appears that there are 3 bridges in Montreal from flightsim.to that cause the sim to CTD in CYOW.

  • Jacques Cartier Bridge, Montreal
  • Samuel De Champlain bridge, Montreal
  • Pont Victoria bridge, Montreal

The comments on all 3 sceneries indicate that these bridges are causing CTD’s anyway without YOW being installed, so the issue is not with my scenery but with some others that are not done correctly and are causing CTDs. If you have other addons based on Google photogrammetry data – those would be suspect too. Google photogrammetry imports have a lot of vertices, and I mean a lot. If not heavily optimized and made with LODs they can overwhelm the sim easily and cause unpredictable issues like CTDs.

So if you encounter these issues - with my or other scenery, consider removing all Google data based sceneries as the prime suspects. It may save you a lot of grieve and time :slight_smile:

Thanks for the great scenery… I purchased it and it is better than the SIMADDONS CYOW in some ways… Though there are some things missing and also some little bugs that I have noticed. I am going to explain them here for you. It would be nice if you can fix them in the next update along with the Ottawa Flying Club section. I am personally a member and I love it there…

  1. PAPI lights are located on the RIGHT side of RWY14 and not left (Google earth and real life references).

  2. Taxiway signs are replicated in some places one is larger than the other:

  3. ILS antennas as well as the radio room for RWY14 is missing (Google Earth ref)

  4. Fences missing along most of the airport border. It adds a lot realism during landing particularly if you can place them at the end of the runways (end of rwy14, rwy04, rwy22 , rwy07 and rwy 32). Currently only rwy25 has fences and ILS antennas in your scenery and it looks fantastic. That would be great if you add them to all around the airport and other rwys.

  5. Approach light posts should be RED and not YELLOW. (Reference in the previous pictures).

  6. Also, I noticed when I select any runway for departure (not a gate) from world menu, there is a discrepancy between the airport altitude and the scenery, causing the plane to fall from a bit of altitude on the runway… It is most oblivious with smaller planes try the C150 or C172… From the picture you see the plane is not positioned on the runway and it is falling to the runway… it is weird and may cause a plane crash sometimes…

  7. Well no comment for this one!

I can take real life pictures for you if you need it… Let me know.