[RELEASED] Discus-2c | Got Friends

This glider add-on is absolutely great. Worth every single penny.

What I miss is:

  • A complete keybindings list. For example I can’t figure the bindungs for:

FES Main Power Switch
Variometer Volume up/down
Mac Cready Ring up/down

if anybody has already figured, I’d appreciate an answer to that. Thanks in advance

  • A possibility to configure a gps flight plan in flight.

It’s not much right? I’d even pay a, let’s say, fair price for a propper gps add on. I’m on xbox so I have no options available accirdingly at the moment.


In the manual, page 19, you can see the associated hotkeys available. Variometer and Mc Cready do not have hotkeys, but Panel Light is associated to FES on/off.
You can download the manual here:

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Anybody else having problems using the Wilga as a tow plane? :thinking:

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Yes, I have

For me the Wilga seems unable to lift off during the tow. I have reported this to GotFriends but didn’t hear back.

PS: a problem that I have when towing with the Cessna is that it nosedives after a short while and you really have to be careful not to overspeed the glider when following into the dive. It recovers eventually and the towing continues normally.
PSS:… the Cessna usually can be found later laying bottom up on the airfield you departed from :thinking:

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For me it’s the Wilga and 172. We just roll down to the end of the runway

For me it depends on the plane: with the 172 the Discus 2 from GotFriends lifts quite nice whereas the stock gliders have to be ripped off the runway with the stick all the way back and then all of a sudden take off… you have to be quick with the stick.

This problem still remains.
Am I the only one with this?

Ver 2.1.0 (purchased on Marketplace)

I checked for this in testing and was never able to reproduce it. Just tried again at a random airstrip (1K8) and it worked just as it should with the native winch.

Do you have a hardware switch that is bound to Recognition Light? That is used as a quick disconnect for the Winch. It definitely sounds like a conflict of some sort, whether that is a hardware switch or another addon maybe.

If not, does this happen anywhere or just at some airports? If you could provide an example, that would be great!

You could always try a reinstall of the Discus as well, but usually the sim is pretty good at cleaning up packages with an update.

Thanks for the reply.

I will check it out tomorrow after work.
It’s already late at night, so I’ll have to get to bed soon or I’ll sleep in in the morning. :slight_smile:

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Anybody noticed that there is a lot of trim (nose up) required since the last update/SU15? :thinking:

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Problem solved.
I had the LXN Nav mod and after updating to Update-0.4.4, it works fine. :smile:

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Are you using water ballast?
I didn’t realize this because I don’t usually use water ballast, but it seems to require a lot of up trim when water ballast is loaded.

Yes, I have water ballast but…

  • the trimming situation was different a while ago and I didn’t change something so the change most likely came with an update (FS2020 or Discus 2)
  • the water ballast in a real airplane/Discus does not change the needed trim much as the tanks are placed in the wings over the center of gravity so if they tanks are placed correctly in the Sim the trim should not change with the addition of water ballast
    Right now I have to trim up to 40% back (nose up) which is the value in the fs2020 HUD as well as the graphical representation of the trimming knob/lever nearly all the way back.

I’ll try later w. o. water ballast as you suggested and see if that changes something.

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I noticed the same thing.
You have to trim a lot now.

I checked the C.G. when the water ballast was used and when it was empty.
When water ballast is used, the C.G moves forward.
However, even when the FIN BALLAST TANK was set to 11lb so that the C.G. would be the same, more up trim was required when water ballast was used.
It is indeed unnatural.

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Yes it’s a bug.

I am trying to spin this model but can’t get it to spin.
What about the real DISCUS?
I was actually on a SZD-50 and it went into spin as soon as I let it slip at low speed.
I think it would be nice to have a model that has a sense of tension, as if it could go into a spin if you’re not careful.
What do you guys think?