Reverb G2 + nVidia - any way to change contrast, brightness, gamma, color temp. etc.?

Is there any way to modify contrast, brightness, gamma, sharpness, color temp., highlights, shadows, exposure in Reverb G2 and nVidia GPU (3070 in my case)?
With normal display you can apply changes in the nVidia control panel or even easier with the nVidia experience.
While changes applied this way affect on screen display (the “eyes” displaying exactly the same image you see in the gogles) the actual display in the headset is not changed by these settings.
The scenery in MFS2020 is washed out in the G2 headset, seems like a lot of haze (even with clear weather preset), especially when looking in the general direction of the sun. I would like to introduce more contrast, deeper shadows, avoid highlights clipping, shift the color temp. towards warmer tones. Any way to achieve this with Reverb G2 and nVidia GPU for MFS2020?


I have exactly the same observations and questions!:slight_smile:
It’s overly bright and overexposed!


Unlike the Valve Index which stores this in its non-volatile memory and has tools to change the values (RGB, luma etc…) there is no such thing I know of in WMR ecosystem (MSFT knows better than you).

I can tell you FS2020 is white clipping much more with the Index and this is not something you can adjust at the headset level because it is due to the panels colour space (near but not same as sRGB for which FS2020 tone mapping is calibrated).

I regret FS2020 is not providing user adjustable tone mapping controls (gamma and brightness - i.e. max white - are the 2 basic controls needed) so that we can better match the colour output to the headset panels. Probably worth sending a Zendesk for this?

I believe there is such controls on AMD drivers for VR output, but none in Nvidia. I’ve read in the past you could try this:

  • connect a monitor on the DP port you’ll connect the headset.
  • adjust color settings using “Nvidia colours”.
  • unplug the monitor, reboot, plug the headset back.

It might work (it used to) but maybe only if the headset is not in “Direct Mode” but in “Monitor Mode” (see SteamVR Developer/Advanced Settings for the Valve Index). I never tried though.


You can now vote for these:

[FEATURE REQUEST] Provide a Sharpen strength setting, and more post-processing

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