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Hi all,

We are excited to bring back another live SDK Q&A to you soon! Mark your calendars for November 23rd, 2022 at 10:30 am PT (2022-11-23T18:30:00Z in your timezone).

This SDK Q&A is open to your general SDK-related questions. Please feel free to ask a question in this topic about anything in the SDK, and the team will go through, pick questions they are able to answer, and provide as in-depth a response as they can during the live stream.

The first 2/3rds of the live stream will be dedicated to answering questions in this thread, and the last 1/3 of the stream they will take live questions from chat.

The SDK Team may have a few short presentations on certain topics as well! We will update this post once solidified.

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Is there any plan to release tools for creating meshes and vector features (rivers, roads, etc) like the classic resample.exe from the past versions?



Hi. Can we please be able to add hospitals without helipads to show up as hospitals still?
As in “let users add (searchable) hospitals in the (either) ICAO/ IATA (or) airport list?”
:hugs: :hugs: :hugs:


Can you open the weather api so that we can modify the colors of the sky, the clouds and so that addons such as xenviro can modify the atmopshere,… :slight_smile:


When will DEM terrain tools with proper smoothing be added to the SDK? Currently at larger airports with varying terrain, heightmaps cause uneven terrain transitions, bumps.


Can we have a tool to remove/manage snow on the ground, at least at Airports?
(Changing the brightness of the aprons is not a viable option).

This was already requested long time ago:

The 6th winter season is approaching (yep, 2 emisphere the world has!), And still lots of airports hardly usable during the winter


Any eta for the availability to implement rain wipers via the SDK?


Is there a possibility to remove water of a pond and new water can be added without messing up the whole terrain to a minecraft look a like terrain?
Ponds often are only filled with a too small water area and with the wrong water type. To add the correct watter and fill the whole pond with water. A poligon to remove the water has to be added. Then an other poligon with the correct water has to be applied. If done so the terrain gets all blocky and unusable. Would be cool if that could get some attention.

At least thats the way i try to do that. If there are other ways. Sdk documentation update for that would be appreciated


Would it be possible to make it so if we edit a scenery in scenery editor that if we load it in the sim that it actually looks like in the editor?
That would be a big help.


The most important things missing in the SDK right now, for us, are these two:

Missing information about the actual position of Jetways in the new SU10 Navdata API.

Currently, the Navdata API will only tell us which Parking spot the Jetway is associated to, but there’s no way to know exactly where it’s located. To do this, we need to search for all SimObjects in the scene, which is inefficient, both because Jetways don’t have a separate Category, but also because there’s a bug in the Simconnect call that doesn’t return all objects in a scene, unless a range > 20000 meters is set. But even when we have a list of all objects, we need to use unreliable heuristics trying to recognize if they are Jetways ( like checking their names ), which will fail in case the same Jetway SimObject is used both as a “proper” Jetway inside a TaxiwayParking element, and as a regular SimObject outside of it, as a static secondary one.

This could be so much easier and reliable if we just had the actual Jetway Position from the Navdata API, so we could find the Jetway Simobjects by position, matching the one from the Navdata to the actual object in the scene. Which will be even faster if the > 20000 meters bug would be fixed and there was a way to filter out Jetway by Category, if they had their own separate category.

The reason why we need a reference to the Jetways Simobject, is because we need to check their associated SimVars to know if they are docked, so we can display Animated Passengers walking inside Jetways reliably. Which brings to the 2nd information that’s missing in the SDK:

A reliable way to know if a Jetway has Docked, and where

Right now, the only way to have some idea if a Jetway has docked, is to check if it’s not moving ( we have a SimVar for that ) and if its Hood has extended, and we have SimVars for that as well.

However, that’s not enough, because we don’t know where the Jetway has docked ( which door ), and we don’t know if it has docked partially or not at all, because sometimes is not fully extended, even if the Hood has moved. Adding extra SimVars to the Jetway objects would be very useful, for example:

  • A variable indicating if the Jetway has Docked.
  • Some variables indicating the actual position of the IK_SecondaryHandle bone, relative to the Jetway root, which are dynamically updated while the Jetway moves.

This way, we could reliably know if a Jetway docked and where, by matching the IK_SecondaryHandle to the airplane door closest to it, and we could know if the jetway didn’t extend completely.

The reason why we need this data, is to be sure that Animated Passengers walking inside the jetway, will have a path starting from the actual door the Jetway docked to, passing through the actual position of the jetway Head ( IK_SecondaryHandle ), and finally reaching the Jetway root at its end.

Other use cases where knowing the Jetway position ( and PBH insertion ) is important are interactive Maps in separate application or inflight instruments. A Nav Map application is currently unable to draw a Map containing Jetways if using the Navdata API, something it could do by opening the airport .BGL directly, which of course would make sceneries bought on the MS Marketplace not fully usable with such applications.


When will mountain and coastal morphing be sorted? It says on going world updates but thats not really an answer could be years to fix that, even worse when there’s snow.


Any chance we could please get a way to reload scenery worldscripts and scenery simobjects (both behaviour and 3D model) in scenery editor without restarting the sim, please? This would save so much time. (I have had days where I spend hours in total just for sim restarts when working on things like jetways and AI vehicles)


Is there currently plans to get a working script editor, and if so, when can we expect one? XML is fun, but a script editor sure would make things easier.


this should be quick…ability to have the SDK “remember”…for example, I don’t want to have to un-tick draw on surface every time I place a taxiway or it would be great if the system can remember the distance I set for spacing with taxiway light(light rows). It always defaults back to a larger distance which is not appropriate for small GA airfields.

Can we have an ETA for official Blender plugin integration in the SDK?


Can we have an update on whether the Camera API is going to be improved / opened up - As requested by various developers at: Camera API - MSFS DevSupport


A full and definitive answer to this question: Will we ever see full WXR (Weather Radar) compatibility in MSFS 2020? Why there is no answer to Weather API question and why Asobo is not providing what entire community of users and developers waiting for?


Fly any aircraft?

Are you going to allow users to fly aircraft they have purchased in the many and various ‘bush trips’ and ‘activities’ which are now on offer?

More in this thread


Can we please get a grass length slider. Currently grass length is coupled to the colour green. Now in South Africa there is lots of brown savannah grass which I can’t simulate.