I really hope that different seasons would be in the sim. It would bring a lot more to the immersion when you can have accurate texture changes depending on month and place. I hope to see autumn colors and white winter in near future.

This is currently in the works no estimated date yet.


Most probably the not yet available seasonal changes for trees etc. was one of the main reasons for the sudden and early release. Imagine all those novel simmers getting their sim in autumn or winter but all the sim shows is full blown summer? I am pretty sure, the feedback would have been way more negative and MS/Asobo did simply not want to wait another half a year or more. But I am also pretty sure that the demand of seasonal textures will greatly increase over the next few weeks, if trees turn coloured or when they start loosing their leaves.


This feature wasn’t in the last top wishes chart… I really hope it would come back because summer is just finished (in the northern hemisphere) and I really miss the immersion that seasons offer.

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Yea, they need to hurry it up, Fall is here and leaves are changing colors in the northern hemisphere.

One link:

Asobo doing so many amazing things with technology and automation - I know they can do this!

Looking at the fall foliage map gets one inspired!

Once again, a new feedback snapshot and seasons are mentioned nowhere.
#whathappened :man_shrugging:t2:

I do believe Fall is a must. It’s the nicest season ever. I hope they can add this feature, at least a start by having colorful trees in some areas where this takes place.

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I agree with you. I hope this will be implemented in the next patch.

Real world weather doesnt show snow on the ground, is there a way to have real world weather AND snow on the ground?

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you can flight at mountains, in msfs there snow all the year

Yes but i mean on the ground at airports etc

that was sarcasm, sorry :slight_smile:

lol im dumb


Or you can select the “snow” preset. It’s not really a “season”, but it’s what we have for now at least!

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It will snow if the temp is below freezing. Ran a flight out of KDEN the other day. It does not accumulate like it should but it will come down as snow rather than rain.

I’ve been thinking alot over the last few weeks about how great the trees look outside IRL and how much I miss having seasons in the sim.


They title says it all. In many parts of the world there are 4 seasons and having a winter sun with summer vegetation is completely unrealistic.


Asobo/MS have said on several occasions that they are working on seasons and that seasons will be included post-release. If seasons look even half as good as the snow, I think all of us will be really happy.

I definitely agree that seasons are a must have for a truly immersive flight simulator. Hopefully seasons will be added by year end. In the meantime there is a whole lot of summer scenery to enjoy!


Seasons, please.

Want to see all four seasons in this awesome sim.