Sim will not start: Stuck on Checking for Updates

MSFS worked until yesterday without any particular problems, today it cannot connect with the servers and I have changed nothing, my PC is dedicated only to MSFS and when I finish flying I turn it off until the next flight.

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Dude, take it easy

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Same here. I am trying every suggestion find with google. Only thing different from yesterday is the picture where it says it is syncing something. 0% — 100% then goes to checking for updates and remains there for ever.

I have had the same, being unable to update or stuck in the press any key loop. The above recipe always got me up and running.
I am not sure but it could have something to do with having two accounts one one pc. But that’s a somewhat wild guess that I plan to dig deeper into.

Just trying to help, that is.

Same for me. “checking for updates”. No changes in my setup today.

Have you tried to search the forums?

Sorry, maybe I wasn’t clear.
I flew with MSFS yesterday, after the flight I turned off the PC.
I turned it on today, WITHOUT CHANGING A BYTE and it doesn’t work.
What should I look for? It goes without saying that it cannot connect to Microsoft’s servers.
I live in Europe, it would be interesting to know if the other SIMMERS who have problems are also in Europe.
This FORUM is also very slow, I’ve never seen it so slow!

Are u Italian, right?
I also have the same problem tonight…screen remains in “searching updates” forever. I think is AN Italian or european problem…

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Yes Jordan, I’m italian too, it could only be a problem in our country.

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Italy here too. Please check with task manager: the cpu stays below 5%, but GPU is between 50% and 90%. Is this normal? What is using the GPU?

same here in germany…says: needs first update from ms store.,downloaded 1.3 gb…and after restarting same message (;

These are the values on my PC


Never had this issue before. Also had if today in the US. Said mandatory update required, launched the MS Store. Then stuck in update cycle and rebooted. Now on reboot it’s reinstalling the entire Sim. Nothing changed from yesterday when it worked normally. Waiting for all 112 GB to download and install. Frustrating. Yet again.

Restart your computer… Now is installing FS2020 from scratch. So will take time. Hopfully it will work. Happily I have a good connection here so will ‘only’ take 2 hours

After almost an hour of waiting, it now seems to start but is really very very slow.
I think I’ll turn off the PC and go to sleep, try again tomorrow. :grinning:

Update: I confirm, the SIM has finally started and everything seems ok, even the Marketplace responds well but now I no longer want to fly.


italian also here, same issue. stuck on checking for updates

tried to restart, repair, turn off the pc but still the same

guess i just need to wait

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Mine has also moved forward a bit, now at about 90% of the loading of the new activities screen. About 40 mins from starting the program.

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Now Is working good after 10/15 minutes on the screen “searching updates” :expressionless:

If you have a VPN try a different country, I am in the UK, but I always download for DK Copenhagen always get faster speeds.

Yes – that was a most Interesting case !!! - Mod “left overs” !!!