[SOLVED] Systematic CTD when loading a flight with FBW A320 in KJFK

Only FBW mod in the community folder, nothing else (no liveries, no other mods).
Did a clean (re)install.
Create flight at KJFK from gate C25, click fly and then CTD during loading or sometimes just after being in the cockpit.
Can someone try please to confirm this behavior (or not :).
Any other plane loads fine at KJFK.

Thanks !!

Which version of A32NX do you use?

Sorry forgot to mention the DEV version.

Got the same problem…

Is it KJFK only?

Same, at any airport, with DEV version and default livery

If you should have installed the stable version from marketplace previously, make sure it is not installed anymore.
Check packages/community and packages/official for A32NX folders.
Remove them and try a fresh install of the dev version via the installer.

If that doesn’t help. Go to

STEAM version:
%APPDATA%\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages\flybywire-aircraft-a320-neo\

MS STORE version:

and delete the content there. You can KEEP the “work” folder inside there (the throttle calibration is saved there) but delete the rest.

See also here for a detailed ‘fresh install’ how to:

Problem also with the stable version at EHAM.

Don’t use the stable. It is not SU5 compatible.

I have the problem with both the stable and dev…

Will try that, thanks!

After deleting the files, including the work folder, the CTD happens just after loading the flight which means a little bit later but still here.

It works for me at other airports I have tested. I will avoid KJFK for some time. For instance it works fine nearby at KLGA.

In your case, it could be another problem (with a scenery or a livery for example).

I tried KLAX and have the same issue of CTD with FBW latest dev version

I had the same problem at EDDM :unamused:

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I have no livery and no scenery installed other than the fbwa320 mod.

Same, but for me worked turning on Fast WASM in dev mode

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let me test that thanks !

Worked thanks a lot !! I then just exited dev mode after starting the flight and everything is well.
Looks like a good workaround for now !!!
[edit] Need to do that for each flight where CTD is experienced without the workaround