SPAD.neXt Profiles for Honeycomb Alpha & Bravo including CRJ

Here is my profile directory for SPAD.neXt.

I have the Honeycomb Alpha & Bravo, Logitech Radio Pannel, and CH Pro Pedals and these profiles will reflect configs for that hardware. The Logitech Radio Pannel config is the default SPAD.neXt config.

To use the CRJ profile you will need:

  1. The paid version of SPAD.neXt NOT the trial.
  2. Be in the Beta or Alpha build channel.
  3. Have the SPAD.neXt LVAR bridge add-on installed in your community folder.

Current profiles include plane specific profiles for the
Aerosoft CRJ 700 w/Autopilot controls.
Default Cessna 152 (tested ith the mod)
Carenado Piper PA44
Carenado Mooney M20R

Also there is a DEFAULT PROPS profile that should work for any piston aircraft. Maybey turboprop to but I have not tested any.

I have HAT views and all trim controls (other than the bravo trim wheel) mapped directly through MSFS currently.

Sorry no documentation at this time.

The content of this shared folder may change at any time without any notice.


Hi. Thanks for profile, now can AP switches on Bravo for CRJ. Can you tell me or how do i find out to be honest what the swicthes are binded to, the ones on the bravo under the AP switches? I do have them binded via the MSFS config so not sure if you have any that might conflict. Cheers.

For the CRJ:

On the HC Alpha

Aileron and Elevator axis are mapped directly in MSFS.

Buttons 1-3 (white buttons on yoke) - Are not configure in SPAD or MSFS. I use these in other apps like Pilot2ATC and TrackIR

Button 4 [Big Red Round Button] - Sets the AP disconnect bar to DOWN(ON). To put it back UP(OFF) press and hold the HC Bravo Button 8 [AUTO PILOT] button.

Buttons 5-12 [Yoke Trim Buttons] - Are concerned with elevator, rudder, and aileron trim, as well as cockpit camera pilot position and are mapped in MSFS directly. These mappings are the same across all of my SPAD.neXt profiles as of this post.

Buttons 13-14 [MASTER ALT] - Turn on and off the Ground Power Unit (GPU) if its connected.

Buttons 15-16 [MASTER BAT] - Turns on/off the Master Battery

Buttons 17-20 [AVOINICS BUS 1/2] = Turns IRS switches 1/2 from OFF to NAV

Buttons 21 - 30 [BCN LAND TAXI NAV STROBE] - are for their respective lights. Note that the [LAND] switch turns on and off all three landing lights. The [NAV] switch turns on both NAV and WING lights. I just made this change today to the [BCN] switch. It now turns on and off both the beacon and the logo lights.

Buttons 31-35 [IGNITION SWITCH] - Are not mapped in MSFS or SPAD.neXt for the CRJ

Honeycomb Bravo

Levers used, left to right.

#1 Spoilers, #2 Empty, #3 Comercial Throttle 1, #4 Comercial Throttle 2, #5 Empty, #6 Flaps.

Button 1 [HDG] Short Press - Toggles HDG mode for autopilot.
Button 1 [HDG] Long Press - Syncs HDG bug to current heading.

Button 2 [NAV] Short Press - Toggles NAV mode for autopilot.

Button 3 [APR] Short Press - Not configured yet.

Button 4 [REV] Short Press - Not configured yet.

Button 5 [ALT] Short Press - Not configured yet.

Button 6 [VS] Short Press - Toggles VS mode for autopilot.

Button 7 [IAS] Short Press - Toggles SPEED mode for autopilot.
Button 7 [IAS] Long Press - Toggle between IAS and MACH mode for speed mode.

Button 8 [AUTO PILOT] Short Press - Turns on Autopilot
Button 9 [AUTO PILOT] Long Press - Sets AP Disconnect bar to UP(OFF). * I may make this a toggle later.

Button 10 [Engine 1 Thrust Reverser] - Engages - Disengages reverse thrust
Button 11 [Engine 2 Thrust Reverser] - Engages - Disengages reverse thrust

Button 12 - Not configured in MSFS or SPAD.neXt. (Up until today had some incorrect config from button 11.

Button 13 [INCR Dial] - Increases the value based on where Buttons 17-21 [Left AP Selector Knob] is. CRS not configured yet.

Button 14 [DECR Dial] - Decreases the value based on where Buttons 17-21 [Left AP Selector Knob] is. CRS not configured yet.

Button 15 [FLAPS DOWN] NOT FLAPS Configured as parking brake OFF. FLAPS ARE ON AXIS #6
Button 16 [FLAPS UP] NOT FLAPS Configured as parking brake ON. FLAPS ARE ON AXIS #6

Buttons 17-21 [Left AP Selector Knob] - These are not mapped directly in SPAD.neXr or MFSF. But their state (ON/OFF) is used .

Button 22 - [ELV Wheel Forward] - Elevator nose down
Button 23 - [ELV Wheel Backward] - Elevator nose up

Buttons 24-25 [AXIS 1&2 DETENT] - Not configured

Buttons 26-27 [THROTTLE AXIS 1&2 DETENT] - Throttle idle cutoff.

Button 28 [Throttle #5 Detent] - Not configured

Button 29 - Not configured.

Button 30 - [Throttle 1 Red Button] - TOGA Button

Button 31-32 [LANDING GEAR HANDLE] - Gear up/down.

Buttons 34-45 [SWITCHES 1-6] - Not configured

Buttons 46-47 [switch7] - Reserved as ALT switch to add more functionality to existing buttons. Will noit be configured directly in SPAD.neXt.

Button 48 - Not configured.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any more questions.


Whenever I try to install LVAR addon, it gives an error “runtime error no supported simulation found”. Is this normal?

edit: nevermind, I found instructions here

Thank you. Gives me a good idea of what is binded and what I will add myself to your profile. Cheers buddy.

This was kind of a quick and dirty documentation that I have been wanting to do.

If these files gain enough interest I may start documenting them all and possibly host them on GitHub.

I don’t have the SPAD.neXt Complete Edition so I cant upload them there.


Sorry for the NOOB question and jumping in but I have just got the ALPHA, BRAVO and a rudder, just paid for


If I create a profile in for a 2 engine aircraft and one for a 4 engine aircraft and I am the aircraft in the SIM relevant to their engines and spad profile etc.

Now do I need to remap my yoke and throttle and Rudder within spad next also to assign the hardware config, mainly the throttle based on the 2 or 4 engine profile I made?

And if I do need to remap the hardware how do I know exactly what setting each button on the hardware itself gets mapped to in the SIM?

I don’t know all the settings and buttons so how do I get past that?

I am a bit overwhelmed as I have this hardware but don’t know every button or setting for each piece of hardware and there are hundreds of buttons in the SIM I can map to

Please help

I’m new to Spad but I was able to fumble through making profiles for the CRJ, 747. I have Honeycomb alpha and bravo. I could publish my profiles and let you know the name, but your learning curve will be steep trying to figure out what I did to my preferences. My suggestion is don’t map anything in the FS controls menu except a hat switch view on the Alpha. All others are mapped using Spad. The Spad profiles can be assigned to each aircraft so all you have to do is select your airplane, attach the Bravo levers how you set them up and Spad automatically switches profiles.
I’ve spent the last week coding my hardware for the FBW 320, CRJ700, 172, WTCJ4, Grand Caravan, Seneca V, King Air, 787, 747.

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Also new to spad. Does it recognise planes with another livery as another plane or does it only see the “type” of plane? Will deepdive this weekend….

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Ok that is brilliant thank you for letting me know, how do you know what button on the hardware gets mapped to what selection in spad for the SIM?

Did you UN map everything in MSFS except the hat switch correct?

I watched a video on autopilot settings for the bravo and I would have no idea that the buttons needed to be mapped to those settings in the SIM, something like something something index settings on the far too left knob which has alt Vs etc on it

My concern is nothing that I am mapping the correct selection in spad so the correct instrument or action happens in the SIM as there are multiple settings that are similar etc

Know what I mean, thank you for your reply btw

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Yes, Spad will recognize each individual livery. So, if for example my son likes his controls set up a specific way on a Alaska A320 Neo, he can have that. It’s super easy to assign aircraft to your profiles. Once it’s saved, it’s seamless. Just have Spad running and pick your plane!


The best advice is to join the Spad Discord, where the developers respond very quickly to many questions. Also, keep watching YouTube for Spad MsFs videos. Learned a lot watching those.


Done I’ll do that thank you so much :+1::+1::+1:

Yes but I mean: you like Alaska, so you create a profile for that. But when you choose for instance a Swiss livery afterwards, will SPAD recognize that it is the same plane? Or do you need to create a complete profile again for that livery?

SPAD will see a livery as a new plane. However you can simply associate the same profile to multiple planes/liveries. You only have to do this once for each plane/livery.


You can add Swiss to the profile easily. Spad will also ask you if you want to assign a profile to a new aircraft (say you took delivery of a new aircraft from Once it’s saved you won’t have to do it again.


I’ve installed your config file for CRJ 700, everything is working perfectly fine apart from the AP, whenever I click on it there is nothing happening, even when I do it with my mouse.

I do have to disconnect the Bravo quadrant to make it work manually, once I plug it again it doesn’t work anymore.

Do you had this issue ? I’m struggling a lot there…

Thanks very much !

I got my Bravo to work the altitude knob in the CRJ. However, if I increase or decrease the altitude, after a few seconds the ALT knob starts spinning rapidly on its own. The only way to stop it is to click it with the mouse. Any ideas?

I do not know if you have it already, but I added advanced reverser functions. If anyone is interested:

As of a month or so ago I had it working in my CRJ profile here. Ill have to check out and see how you did it if its more elegant.