Still can't control the aircraft while looking around with mouse right click - and in MSFS2020 never will be able to?!

Did the aircraft respond to the inputs?

Are you using toggle or hold? You need to use the hold option, so not middle click, hold down right mouse button.

On my side it works fine in the cockpit view and in the external view . I am on PC …Windows 10

I’m using a Logiteck M220 wireless mouse.Plug and play.No additional software/drivers. I’m on Windows 10 64 bit.

My mouse settings are shown on my previous pics but. Here you can find them filtered by input. As said, I’m using DEFAULT settings…

As said before,the aircraft respond to the joystick imputs …no problems. I’m using Hold on right click. It also works fine with Toggle Middle click.

What are your bindings for the joystick you are using?

Well,I’ve so many…each grouped for a few aircraft.I am attaching 4 picks for my bindings used on A320 Asobo and others aircraft.

I assume you have aileron bound there as well? The only known circumstance we know of so far that avoids this issue is if you are using an external tool like SPAD to bind pitch, and roll, for example.

So try this instead. Hold right mouse, then press the 2, and 6 on the numeric keypad. They should cause your yoke to roll left, and right respectively. For me with right mouse held they don’t do anything, until I let go of the right mouse button. You will actually see the VC yoke pause when holding right mouse, then start moving when you release if you hold one of those keys down.

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Aileron are bound as shown on pic 2 (reverse axis flagged).

I can’t do trials right now. May be later today and let you know

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Sorry, yes I missed that right at the bottom of the image.

Apparently, I wasted my time thinking OP was looking for help solving a particular problem.

I think many of us feel exactly the same way towards Asobo.

That is so weird. Definitely broken for me since SU5. I never use hold view because of it. I wonder if it has anything to do with mouse polling rate or something

I’ve just done the trials you’ve suggested right now while cruising on a Asobo A320.
The outcome is quite weird:

  1. While Holding down the mouse right click, on numerical pad I pressed and released Nr 2 button and nothing happened. Repeated by keeping nr 2 button down and the aircraft started to climb… To return back to normal I pressed Esc then Resume.

  2. While holding down the mouse Right click ,on numerical pad I pressed and released Nr 6 button and nothing happened. By pressing and holding down nr 6 button the aircraft started to bank to the right !! Again, pressing Esc and Resume everything was back to normal.

I never use he keyboard for flying so I don’t know what all this means.I use the keybord only when I need to ESC …lol

i remember when this bug came out, i crashed on taxi out as i was panning the view lol… i guess most users just got used to working around the issue.

lol yeah so much for the supposed “10 year support commitment” for MSFS. that was definitely a factor when purchasing the sim.


The keyboard allows pretty crude controls of the yoke. 4/6 for aileron, and 2/6 for elevator. You can control the rudder with 0/Enter.

Tapping the button won’t do much but holding it will, and it has acceleration so you can go full left/right in a second or so by holding.

Very odd that you are able to do that while holding right mouse down though. You may be the only one. :slight_smile:

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even if one hardly use the keyboard it still affects other input devices (yoke/throttle/pedals) as long as one holds the right mouse button (for panning), all other input is “blocked”.

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Good to know.

I must be very lucky then!! Maybe this is associated to the fact that my few add-ons and mods all come from the Sim marketplace. Only A320 FBW comes from the outside. My PC is almost at Vanilla state compared to yours . Why not starting from scratch??Like on day ONE. Fresh Sim download and new settings / Bindings?? No add-ons and Mods …(to lately be reintroduced one by one) . I believe many would be surprised

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Post your solution here, many would be surprised

Good advice. File a report there illustrating the how’s, and why’s.

I always use toggle mode so never noticed. But I can confirm in hold mode my joystick is unresponsive.


Hi there BegottenPoet228. Lastnight was my first experience with MSFS and i have seem to run into this exact same problem. I hate to ask and be redundant, but how do i fix my yoke from not activating when i use my “MB5 thumb mouse button” to control my head movement? I cant do both head movement and yoke controls both simultaneously when i need to. What is the fix if i may ask sir for the issue here?