Still Stutters and poor FPS after the Update!

After a little bit of thinking, I’ve figured out why this is happening.

I have an RTX 3090 and an r9 3900x with 32GB of 3200Mhz RAM. The computing power of this PC is overwhelming. No game should run this poorly on my PC, in theory.

I tweaked my graphics settings to the absolute lowest they could go, and I was still running at 10 fps on approach into Chicago. So just to test it, I set them back to maximum, and then I changed my resolution to 4K even though I usually play at 1440p. My fps stayed the same. This tells me this is definitely not a graphics issue.

This started happening after the update where wind over coastal areas was added. Since I mainly fly over Chicago, that might explain why I was noticing a heavier load on my CPU. I think Asobo was just too ambitious in their asking of computational power. This sim is just demanding too much from normal CPUs and it’s not something multithreading can fix. If one core isn’t done, it’ll still hang the system regardless of whether the other cores are.

Another problem is CPU advancements are incremental, so the level of CPU performance Asobo is asking for is still maybe ten years away, or more. That’s the majority of the life for a sim.

The only solution is for Asobo to dial back the physics simulation. In a crosswind scenario, maybe just create 100 different scripted events that can happen on approach and playing a random one during approach, instead of simulating 100 different lines of wind hitting 100 different points on the wing.

The physics simulation is just too demanding. Asobo have got to realize this and scale it back. We have data on how flights ‘should’ look like and scripting flights based off real world data is realistic enough. Modern CPUs just can’t handle the level of physics simulation Asobo is trying to get out of them, and it’s making this once really fun game, extremely unplayable after each update.

Oh also that’s the reason why it gets worse after each update. The sim just adds more things to an already struggling CPU.


It’s a good theory but I don’t think that’s the case at all, the perf drop happens in the same areas it’s highly reproducible for the people that have it, and it happens in all areas not only costal and in all weather conditions, there is just something that happens in this areas that are hanging the CPU even tho it’s not on 100% on any cores, something that changed in SU3 (or potentially WU3 even tho I didn’t get it lots of people report they did)

I still think it’s gotta be the wind. Maybe there was a coding error. The sim is asking for something that the CPU just can’t deliver in time.

Could be, it’s clear to me that there is come coding error that is causing this, because in random areas with nothing significant the FPS drops hardsly to 10 20, and other areas even with weather montains beaches and so on the FPS is steady 50 to 60, it’s tied to some areas not the atmospheric conditions

I flew as welll into KORD some days ago. Came over the sea approaching 28R with no problems. Round about 35 fps …

Greets Klaus

it’s not the wind. and it’s not demanding physics. it’s just a huge bug in their code that lets the cpu fall to idle and then even the best gpu can’t do anything other than stutter frame for frame. and yes - it was intruduced with WU3 and got then worse with SU3.

It depends on your aircraft and graphics settings too. If you fly in a 787 with high/ultra graphics, full resolution scale, and photogrammetry turned on, you’ll hardly break 11 fps at the threshold of the runway. Yes these are high settings, but an RTX 3090 with an r9 3900x should be able to handle them easily.

I got a VR headset recently and tried the exact same route I usually do, but this time, even though its in VR, I actually felt like the game was moving more smoothly. It also didn’t freeze at minimums like it normally does. Something really messed up is going on If VR runs better than regular.

I ran the New York City community benchmark again.

I have experienced a drop in FPS of about 10% on average, compared to before the UK update. Average dropped from 51 FPS to 45 FPS.

Although stutters have also been reduced somewhat. 0.1% low improved from 11 to 15.

To me smoothness is more important than raw FPS for slow-moving flight sim scenery.

I used to have really good performance in terms of FPS, after the WU3 something went wrong to me and even the latest patch hasn’t solved my these issues( Except huge FPS drops to 5). For me everything is quite smooth in the beggining, whenever I descend to land, the FPS goes to 10-12. I used to get over 20 during the landing or departure whatever. In addition to that during the landing it freezes for 3-4 seconds and thank god haven’t had a CTD so far but I am scared if it would be the next. Does anyone also having this type of issue ?


Great post. Thank you for taking the time to put it together.

It would be awesome if the right people could see this and have a chance to respond:

– Jörg Neumann, Head of Microsoft Flight Simulator

– Robert Jerauld, Director of Production

– Sebastian Wloch, CEO, Co-Founder, Asobo Studio

– David Dedeine, CCO, Co-Founder, Asobo Studio

– Martial Bossard, Lead Software Engineer, Co-Founder, Asobo Studio

– Lionel Fuentes, Lead Programmer, Asobo Studio

Oui, moi aussi !!!

I was flying from Kiel to Dresden. Just when I was about to join the VOR to rw 04, the sim stopped compeletly. I have never had similar issues.


Add on EDDC from seems to be really hard on frames. Perhaps my problem where sim freezed was because of that.

In my case, the freeze problem is happening on every flight I’ve been making since the last Update.
I’m going around the world and frostbites happen in any area.
This hadn’t happened to me once before.
I hope Asobo fixes this in the next update, It is very unpleasant to fly with freezes.

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I get constant stutters regardless whether I’m low taking off and landing or flying at 34,000 feet, this has only started after the UK update, the patch made it less severe but the micro stutters are now there every few seconds of my flight and I’ve just accepted that they’re there now and at the moment are a let of the game until it gets fixed (sooner rather than later I hope)

I deleted the Japan and UK points of interest but I don’t see one for the U.S. Is it called something else?

Same for me the last patch didn’t change anything on approach at big airports like KJFK or others, i have big stutters and FPS drop from 35 to 12–15 FPS! I stop completely flying MSFS until we return to the performance we have before!

I have flown on multiplayer flights and everyone has had pauses at the same places, regardless of computing power - must be some kind of boundaries. I have also recently had freeze then CTD twice. I notice also that anything in the community folder now seems to promote pauses/stutters even more than default - eg Flying Iron Spitfire, EC135, P51, Super Etendard, Fokker D21, optica also with slower aircraft like Tiger Moth & Wing 42 bleriot (but not so noticeable). Not sure if 3rd party scenery is also doing that because I only have a few missing landmarks. Hoping for a fix (all worked really well about a montha ago.)

Other then deleting Japan, UK and US Points of Interest also keep this in mind. I am not a pc guru or a pilot. There is a tremendously helpful tutorial on the graphics of MSFS out there on I couldn’t tell you exactly where on there but it is quite lengthy and it must have taken days to make but the take away is this and it also works for me. On your graphics setting, whatever the “default” is selected by your PC, select one step down and let it go at that. My pc selected High End. However, at some airports, like is being talked about above, stutters and frames drop to nothing worth flying with. However, dropping from High End to Medium graphics, fixed! Keep in mind that this sim is going to “stutter” somewhat no matter what, but it should stay well within and more then acceptable limits.