Strange Artifacts post SU5

@TenPatrol @TheAviator3506

Can confirm the bug is still present with todays latest driver, sort of chequerboard artifacts at the top of the screen, especially when panning the view…

I won’t swear, I promise, though I am absolutely sick of this now.

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That’s disappointing. I can’t play one of my other games because of this.

@pidge2k could you kindly look into this? This is an issue affecting a lot of us with render scales over 100 running any driver after 466.77.

It seems the latest driver still does not fix this.

Any help on Nvidia’s side would be much appreciated!

I can confirm it’s not fixed - recorded the new bee gee r3 with the driver and it looked just as bad as su5 release day - back to 466 again.

In my case fixed.

Contact Manuel @pidge2k via e-mail
Add dxdiag.
Also take a screenshot of your game settings and nvidia control panel settings.

I’ve submitted a feedback form to Nvidia and would encourage other users experiencing this to do the same:

“It’s fixed for me” is a toxic, trolling response to an actual problem other people are having (see multiple threads). If you don’t have the problem or a solution, we are better off with you not responding.

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Please read carefully.

Also please read …

Installing an old driver is not fixed. That’s a month old work around and I was confirming that before your attempt to derail the report by misstating the status of the bug.

Are you sure?


Contact Manuel via e-mail Add dxdiag. Also take a screenshot of your game settings and nvidia control panel settings.

Still have the chequered landing lights with the latest driver (471.96). This is not fixed.

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yep, infuriating

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Did you revert to the old driver again?

how can a game not run on the latest drivers and they not fix it??

Yeah back on the old driver, but I think I am just about done with this sim for the time being,

LOD distance reduced yet again, so horrible ring of trees around the aircraft a la FSX and P3D.
Clouds nerfed, don’t look anything like they did.
Lighting nerfed, just watched out way too high bloom and gamma.

So depressing

Anyone tried the new drivers with the latest hotfix? Seriously doubt anything will have changed but you never know.

Installed the latest driver last night, still getting the checkerboard landing lights after an hour flight. Super annoying. No other fix than rolling back to .77?

Eugh, what is going on here. This needs to be fixed ASAP.

I’ll try different settings tonight. So irritating tho. It’s not consistent.

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472.12 tested?