SU7: appeal to Asobo

Hello, first of all I would like to thank the developers for this wonderful sim. I have been following it since graduation and am worried about it success. I can understand many errors and bugs, because I am a developer myself. Bugs are part of any large and ambitious project that this simulator undoubtedly is. As I said earlier, I have been following this project for a year since the start of release. And over the course of this year, I have noticed one thing that worries me as a fan and a customer. The lack of a quick reaction of the developer to serious bugs that breaks the foundations of the simulator\game. No, I’m not asking you to fix all serios bugs immediately. I know it’s impossible. I just would like to hear some feedback from the developers. Is there a hotfix planned, or the problem is more serious and we should wait for the next update.

The update was released on November 18, today November 22, and during this time I did not see any reaction except silence. I would not be worried if this was just another batch of small bugs that I could close my eyes to. But broken things like the weather, reverse issue, broken itracker which are the core of the sim. And now I just have to play something different until it gets fixed. I would not feel left alone with this problem if you just released the news and would explain approximately when to wait for the fixes. Even simple information that you are working on this problem would greatly reduce the degree of angry reviews on the forums. I do not demand immediate fixes, I just want a little more communication because I am worried about this project, like many on this forum.


In this case, part of the reason could be that the last two days were a weekend.


+1 to this @Shack952514 hahaha
Of course they know about the small bugs that came with the update, luckily it is nowhere near the seriousness of issues we experienced pre-SU5 with every patch, they have gotten better.

Maybe the most annoying one, and the only one without a workaround at the moment, is the trackIR issue, but lets be patient, it may take a week to spot the line of code causing the bug, they need time to patch it.


yes, but why not just write “we know about the problem and will give an answer next week” for example. This does not require an entire work week. I do not require an official detailed report. I just want simple quick communicate. Moreover, the main problems with the weather were known even at the beta test stage.


I was seriously just about to order the TrackIR online when SU7 dropped. Obviously not going to bother anymore until this issue is fixed. Feel for all the people who this has affected…will be watching with interest to see if it is fixed soon.


They did, on twitter, they even talked about the issue with the mouse not being able to rotate the world map and offered the workaround.


You still should. It’s an excellent system and it works pretty much flawlessly across a great many titles. I simply couldn’t fly without it any more. (I recommend getting a LED based emitter too. Either the TrackClip Pro or a 3rd party version like the DelanClip. This is much better than the standard hat mounted reflectors)


As @somethingbrite said, order it. I stopped using my VR because trackIR feels amazing. It works really well in MSFS, I am sure solving this issue is high priority for them.

I would say that by putting TrackIR in the known issues list they did exactly that, acknowledge the problem, and they did so the day after release.

No need for “appeals” especially for a problem that affects some users - there are dozens of other problems affecting some other users, an “appeal” thread for each one of them won’t get us anywhere.


Cool…thanks for the advice.

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I did the opposite :wink:


Sorry, but what about clouds on the ground. That affects all users and its serious problem for sim. And what will happens if the developers release an update with clouds on the ground, for example, in the “forza horizen”. There will be a huge scandal. Then why do such things take place for a flight simulator, in which the weather is almost the basis of the flight process.


It’s the thoughts of others and myself like in this thread that made me compelled to write this:


Yeah this is a great sim but the quality is the most terrible of any game/sim i have seen especially after a year. The product is still not ready for release. Imagine this happening with some other big titles, that would cause outrage.


OK, so I will create an appeal thread for clouds
One appeal thread for the haze layer that I don’t like
One appeal thread for the live weather that some say doesn’t work
One appeal thread for the mouse control issues in VR
and so on, because I think they are more important than TrackIR.
See what I mean?

What you seem to be failing to understand, is that again they will prioritise using their own methodology.

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None of these problems should exist though. Every problem need fixing. What’s important to you may be different from what’s important to me but we are both paying customers.

Fixing bugs based on votes is wrong. Most people don’t care about some details but a big portion of users are focused on realism and they also deserve a good product. They have to fix all game breaking bugs. TrackIR is a listed feature of the game and it should work, it’s a game breaking bug if it doesn’t. They shouldn’t have added the feature if they weren’t planning on keeping it working.


I fully support. It doesn’t take many hours of testing to detect things like mouse problems and improperly working weather. The first 10 minutes of the game are enough to understand that something is wrong. The fact that they put this build into production speaks of a lack of quality control.


Hello Community,

SU7 was by far the worst “update” ever and I’m very frustrated. It’s like 1 step forward, 3 steps backwards!

To name only a few bugs I discovered while playing a short time and before throwing the game very disappointed in the bin:

  • Many profiles of some peripherals were overwritten like Keyboard, Alpha Joke, etc.

  • If you set up your seating position inside the cockpit in VR and switching to outside view and back to the cockpit the position is set back to default again, very annoying!

  • Floatplanes are leaf’s in the wind again and are uncontrollable on water. The nose of the plan swings in the wind instantly and the water rudders are useless. Why it’s broken again when they fixed it already!

  • Unusable VR-Toolbar

  • Stuck or invisible mouse in VR

I’m wishing to switch back to SU6 so badly…


The first thing they should do other than release a hotfix is strike the release date of WU7 and SU8. Set the release date when it’s ready. It’s that simple!


Isn’t it funny as for some this was a good update and SU5 being the worst, while for me SU5 only had little annoyances and SU7 was the worst update since launch.

And while we got 2 hotfixes for SU5 and heard about it right after release, we do not have an official statement if there’s gonna be a hotfix for SU7 at all.

From the list of bugs posted above please add the VR Toolbar Bug. It is a known issue and leaves VR unusable for Airliners, which is about 95% of what I do.

And as that bug got about 500 votes in just 4 days it seems to be not only me…