SU7: appeal to Asobo

yes they should because alot of those complaining are very nasty. Do you know how hard these guys are working to give up this sim? Some are acting like Asobo is breaking things on purpose. Maybe you guys would like if the sim was just dormant, no updates for the next 5 years. My quality bar is certainly not low. I used xp11 and p3d before msfs and with those sims a lot is not perfect. if it was’nt for 3rd party devs, those sims are nothing. Right now as it stands msfs is the best on the market currently

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That’s pretty much what they do. The sim is making good progress, and bugs and all get sorted over time. This kind of complaint has been happening with every single update, so it’s nothing new at this point.

It’s frustrating for people affected by bugs of course, I had a period where I was getting CTDs everyday. So I stopped playing till the next update fixed whatever was wrong. Things do improve.

You know, sometimes clouds are on the ground. It’s called fog.


Lots of emotional folks on some of these forums. You should see the mess avsim is lol. I’ve seen people saying sim is unflyable because the night lighting wasnt right, sunsets are too saturated etc. There is even a thread about pmdg releasing their 737 without a weather radar and how its not going to be 100% this or that. pmdg didnt even get a weather radar until active sky made it possible, but people were still enjoying their planes. No we have an active dev trying to give us all this in the default sim and people think its a walk in the park building something this complex


I am still using Track IR. I fly the FBW A320 so do not move my head out of limits anyway. When I step away from the computer and come back I just turn on Track IR from the cameras section - two clicks is all it takes.

Barely noticing this Track IR bug personally.

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Different people have different expectations, just because you find something bemusing doesn’t means it’s any less important.


No one think that’s it easy. People just asking more quality control. I am also a developer and I know very well how difficult it is. But if I release a product with such obvious errors, I will be fired literally in a month. It’s not about bugs, but about he fact that I allowed it to get into production.


I never said anything is less important, but there is a right and wrong way to go about doing things. All these nasty attacks on the devs are not cool. They dont have to tell us anything and whether or not people buy or play the sim, they are still getting paid. I dont see LR or LM being so open and transparent with their customers and those other sims still has bugs from years ago thats not fixed yet

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You see nasty attacks, I see constructive criticism on how they can do better and how they need to improve, which is something that some of us have been saying for over a year already.


no matter how much QC they have, things will get past. Look at any OS or any complex AAA games. There are lots of moving parts

Indeed there are, but the mouse in VR bug has no defence, it’s incredibly poor that it was allowed to be released as is.


So calling the devs stupid and saying they dont know what they are doing is constructive right?

Not all posts granted, but the majority I’ve seen have not been “nasty”.

maybe you should visit avsim (that play is so toxic) or FB

but the mouse in VR bug has no defence

See that’s the exact kind of tone that won’t get you anywhere.

PMDG aircraft have never had a weather radar and AS doesn‘t provide any. Apparently there have actual „radars“ appeared in P3D recently but what PMDG use are simply position information of precipitation shared by AS. This can be done in MSFS too, have a look at the Garmins‘ use of Nexrad. A radar by definition is something entirely else. And honestly, I‘d rather no „radar“ at all before I look at these pink spots on the ND again.

Yep you read what you want to read, I see AVSim the same as this forum, full of helping hands and threads of concern.

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But it has no defence, it’s appalling that the most basic control function doesn’t work correctly when it worked just fine before.
It’s a regression that simply should NOT of been allowed to manifest let alone get released to the paying public, research the bug and you’ll know where me and at least 471 others who have voted are coming from.

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I just say that in 20 years, I have never seen a game developed so badly,
there are bugs at the beginning, okay, but it s absurd that after 1 year, one thing settles and 4 others break,
it is useless to take around, quality control in Asobo does not exist,
I am reminded of that scene of the first ROBOCOP where the bad guy says: “who cares if it works, the important thing is that I sell it”,
and I don’t say it but that’s it which has been going on for a year