SU7: appeal to Asobo

I think this sort of thing is where most of the frustrated outbursts come from.
Most of us probably appreciate the complexity of getting the various data streams to play nicely and would accept that weather might not blend on the first attempt.

But basic things that did work ok that stop working? Especially when they are so integral to the experience like not being able to see where you are flying with either VR or TrackIR. That triggers a lot of folks, and for obvious reasons, these are your direct interface.


Recent post by a mod:


I was in the beta and only flew twice since the update was released. I have a full job as a photographer and I just bought an electric scooter that does 40mph which I’ve been enjoying immensely. The point I’m trying makes is to step away and go enjoy other aspects of life

I can just thanks developers for that. It’s exactly what we need since first day of SU7. Now we really can hope for hotfixes.

Good point.
For me, the sim is my only hobby left while locked in and prohibited to enjoy any other activity I love so much.

And with your attitude I wouldn’t have bought this or any other piece of software ever.

Unless there is a refund policy in place I’m not aware of. Then of course you would have a valid point there.

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No no no - come on! That post is over 30 minutes old! It’s just not good enough. How dare they leave us hanging this long without an update. It’s disgraceful!!!

Instead I was around, :wink:
and the old FSX, with all its limitations, + super-modded and modified I don’t remember it with all these CTDs out of nowhere

Sorry, your toxic behavior suggests that you are not interested in the progress of the sim. You are only interested in blaming other users for reasonable criticism.


you probably did go far down the rabbit hole then , I remember having to cross my fingers hoping I did CTD or run oom lol

if you see the Q+A, you know they read the forum xd

:rofl: Look at it like this: if you had come out of the shop you had discovered that your scooter is half broken … how would you have reacted? :wink:

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And this is exactly what we are doing here: coming back to the vendor and requesting to fix the broken product.


Ok, well give them time to fix it instead of making a thread about the same thing every 10 minutes

Maybe they should just roll back this whole failed update that broke everyone’s sim in one way or another? Just so Osobo could say we are now DX12? GOTY should be taken away from them!!!

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I guess the issue is they said F12 will reset it and it doesn’t. The other thing it didn’t mention is that if you pause TrackIR to make changes to switches etc. it snaps back to pilot view and you don’t see what you paused the screen to adjust. Even the Camera switch to turn trackir back on won’t work until you unpause trackir. They tried changing maybe thinking it would be a good thing but made planes like CRJ impossible to fly.

The real problem here is that we’re all over the place on this release. Some of what has been described as “bugs” aren’t bugs to everyone. You know that when SU7 came out, someone out there said “Wow, that fog is really low! COOL!”. So we have no idea how many people LOVE what others HATE, and MSAsobo knows that too. That said, I know you’ve seen posts from people saying this was a GREAT update (the infamous “Thank you Asobo” posts). And if MSAsobo acts, what should they do? Cancel what others love because some of us don’t like it?

I’m telling you, they need to incorporate sliders for all this stuff. Let US decide what we want as much as possible. And if too many sliders cause delays in the code processing, center them on the weather, because from what I see that tends to generate the most posts.

As for the TrackIR problem, that’s definitely a bug and should be addressed, and from what I’ve read, they’re doing just that. They’ve put out new code and fixed bugs in the past, and we’ve moved on. They haven’t addressed them fast enough for some, but that’s life in the big city and we’re pretty much powerless to do anything but complain.

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Just for your information: after SU7 I experienced problems with TrackIR on the first 3 flights. I had to reboot the sim just once to get the TrackIR back online. The other 2 I just had to set the slider to on in the camera settings. But so far no more problems. It just works fine. Didn’t change anything but switching to vanilla TBM, since the Mugz mod has big compatibility issues. As said elsewhere in this thread, it’s a great boost for immersion.

That is a laughable comment. Of course we all understand what fog is. Unfortunately, at least where I fly in the US, the sim now thinks there is a low level dense layer of “fog” almost all the time and everywhere during daylight hours. Thus, when visibility is supposed to be 10 miles or greater, I can’t even see the runway until I am 1/2 mile away or basically right on top of it. VFR flying after SU7 is no longer a thing. Very interesting “feature” in a sim that touts detailed ground scenery and accurate real-life weather as two areas that set it apart from other flight sims. lol


Not yet checked, but maybe more fog will bring the user more FPS on low machines :joy:

Yeah, some parts of the world a now constantly covered in fog.
And worst of all it pops in and out in flight.

So while it’s great they added METAR based weather around airports it definitely needs quite some tweaking.
And I agree that a slider to adjust the the “level of realism” for the user could be a quick win till this fine tuning of the new system is mastered…