[SU7] End-Of-Flight logbook popup suppression: Still creating bogus zero minute logbook entries

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The disabled logbook popup on end of flight still creates bogus short logbook entires
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  • Don green laboratory apron
  • Do a flight, after landing shutdown plane

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  • In VR, the logbook still pops up very briefly but visibly and then auto-returns to the plane. From there, a flight time is being logged and entered into the logbook until user returns to the main menu.

Expected behavior:
Whether the logbook popup was avoided or not, the brief period of time after the logbook popup and completing shutdown should not lead to a new logbook entry with (usually) zero minutes.

do you have developers mode activated?

I believe he stated that:

Are you using Developer Mode or made changes in it?

Same issue was also mentioned by a different user in Logbook should not pop up in the middle of the shutdown procedure - #379 by hobanagerik


sorry! overlooked it

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Their fix seems to have been suppress the logbook pop up, and automatically hit the continue button.

In other words they fudged the UI, rather than truly correct the behaviour.


That is my assumption based on observation as well (and our work around previously).

What I’d like is a way to export the logbook to excel then we could just parse and filter ourselves.

It’s kind of like how they removed the “Press any key to continue” screen. Some users reported that when the sim was having connectivity issues this screen would reappear. Using the equivalent of an AutoIT script to press a key for us isn’t really addressing the problem.

In light of the empty log book entries, I would rather have the logbook appear, and I’ll manually hit the Main Menu button.


Honestly, for a major title, the menus are super messed up. The UI has weird code names that look like file names on the world map screen. Options don’t stick. Like when I try to make weather adjustments or time adjustments pre flight, it just loads whatever the hell it wants when I click fly now, often resetting it to default settings. Sometimes, I just want to give up with this sim.


That’s what I’m seeing as well. In VR my viewpoint shifts to the center of the plane, the logbook screen flashes, then it resets my view back to the default viewpoint for the aircraft. Very disorienting; I don’t get sick in VR, but this one “feature” nearly did me in.

I don’t understand why a programmer decided that the option to disable the log screen decided that autoclicking the button is better than adding an IF THEN to the end of flight code. All it has to do when it detects the flight is ending is to figure out whether the option is checked and if it is, DONT RUN THE CODE THAT BRINGS UP THE WINDOW


YES, completely broke.
! made ONE flight and this is the logbook:

Real data should have been in only one record and not five and with more than 6 hours:
TAKE OFF - 13:03
LAND - 19:14


Confirm. Logbook is broken when choosing the Option with this weird name for preventing the Popup Logbook Window to show up before the Plane is really shut down. Oh Boy. Did you ever test this Options before going to public?


Are you guys at least getting your takeoffs to register? I’m only getting landings.

My logbook stopped registering takeoffs when I started using an external ATC program and stopped using the internal flight planner. Now the sim only records takeoffs. There must be a connection with using the internal flight planner and logbook takeoffs.

I don’t follow the logbook since it doesn’t properly track flights and I lost all of my hours back with SU3 and the server issues. Now I use Volanta and let that track all my flights and hours.



That could be, I forgot I just started using P2ATC after the update.

Same with me, I use the flight planning in Pilot2ATC and now no more takeoffs recorded.

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+1 Yeah have the same issue. at first i thought maybe because I went into the reply menu so maybe it reset the log hours. Also the tbm aircraft showed up as the F18

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Same issue here:

Same here. I gotta say this…FFS Microsobo I am really starting to get fed up with FS2020!
(If I didn’t love it so much)

I find the thought process behind this difficult to understand. A large portion of the community want the log book to not pop up when you shut down the battery, and/or avionics, and the solution was to still allow it to pop up, but run the “Continue” code so we just don’t see it.

Its disappointing that someone signed off on that, if I’m honest. The zeroed log entry being created has been around for ages, so they must have known it would do this.


In addition to what you mention, @hobanagerik, in VR the window does pop up briefly then close on its own and then resets the viewpoint to the center of the A/C. It’s very disorienting because it happens in less than a second.