Suggestion for the forthcoming hotfix re : toolbar

Please pass to the team that they would be very much welcome to correct the toolbar issue ie to automatically hide it from view as before SU5. It is a nuisance in the game window. Thanks.


Asobo made to look like novices again, as modders already fixed this issue and made it look better too.


Agreed - would be able to make this a voting topic.

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I second this. The toolbar has been properly disappearing for a long time as it schould.

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Should be a no-brainer, and I wonder why it hasn’t made WU6. Let’s hope for the end of holiday season in France and SU6 then…

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This needs to be addressed.

I agree in principle, but want to note that it is really not a big deal because we have a mod that corrects this. There are other issues where we don’t have mods available.

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And the white dot, too. Very annoying and useless when cockpit interaction is set to Legacy.

The three on top of my list,

I do not want to use a mod if I can avoid it, specially an utility mod. I do not have any CTD and I want to keep it that way. The less mods I have, the better I am. The default UI interface was OK before SU5, no reason why it should be worse now. We don’t need a palliative, we need a correction.

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Solutions that cite ‘there’s a mod for that’ are not overly useful on Xbox. :slightly_smiling_face:


Correct. This white menu bar is no fun for XBox anyway… on PC I can set Windowed mode and workaround the issue, by placing my mouse on the taskbar below. The white widget disappears.

On XBox S, at least for me flying the Pipistrel Virus, clicking both joysticks at the same time will cycle three states of the menu(toolbar) and the dot.

When I first select ’ Ready to Fly’ (which puts you ready in cockpit), I have a dot that I can use to select instruments. To get rid of the dot all I have to do is select any of a number of predefined buttons. I use the left Dpad key to cycle the parking brake on and then back to off (so I don’t have a crazy landing).
From there, when I press both joysticks at the same time it will recenter the viewpoint and bring up the toolbar. Pressing them again goes to the dot. and then, once again, cycle the parking brake on and back off to get rid of the dot.
You can also get the dot back by pausing using the button with three lines and then resuming. That brings the dot back but its quicker the other way.

Same here. I have no real issue with the toolbar. I wish it was an invisible click spot to bring it up, but I can live with the current state. I run very little in my community folder, and only on an as need for the flight in question basis, using MSFS_AddonLinker.

And not having that ■■■■ spinner on the bottom of the screen would be great too.

To clarify, I am talking about the white widget at the upper center of the screen which is a triangle+bar which can call the toolbar. Any mouse move makes it reappear. It is a pain in the behind for flying, taking screenshots or movie.

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I too would welcome a disappearing toolbar…

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