Lower Resources in the Menu, Downloading, and Minimized. FPS cap?

Can we get FPS cap option for the menus? If I leave the game open on the menu screen, it’s rendering the hangar/world map at 144 fps pulling 300 watts for no reason. Can we get a menu cap option please?

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100% GPU load : main menu : because background hangar rendering: 100% GPU load : main menu : because background hangar rendering

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my gpu is constantly maxed out in the main menu… which is really annoying because I like to tab out of the game sometimes and I don’t see the point of rendering the plane in the background.

It would be nice if we could turn this off, and give our poor graphics card a break


I support it. FPS can drop to such an extent that a click is not detected.

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It would be great if there was a setting for maximum FPS in the main menu. Otherwise the PC will try to permanently provide unnecessary frames that are not needed in the main menu. My fan literally screams for a throttle in the main menu.


Just switch vsync on again. :thinking:

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The fans noise is for extra immersion. Also looks like I will not need heating this winter.


Every time I’m back in the main menu? Vsync doesn’t really improve the fps, so you have to turn it off again and again in the game.

I don’t have to, I just leave vsync on. No 1000 FpS (fictitious number) in the main menu, no loud fans.
Or fix your FpS higher. For example at 120. Just try it.

watched over 30 min, no decreasing

Yeah they should have a background max FPS setting

I think that it would be great if you could limit the FPS in the Main Menu. Separately from the in-game FPS limit. So that you for example could have a 30FPS limit in the Main Menu and 144 FPS limit in-game.

Or if you could have the option to disable rendering the hangar in the background in the Main Menu.


This was mentioned in another thread
Turn off menu animations in settings
That helps.

My take on this is that if you can actually get 144fps, then you need to turn you graphical settings up. Anything more than 60fps is all but pointless, and would be better spent improving the looks of the sim.

Just set it to 60fps, and forget about it.

It’s not about getting 144 FPS. It’s about limiting the FPS in the Main Menu so that the graphics card is not running at full speed in the Main Menu. It’s a waste of resources. Then in-game you can limit it to something higher and let the graphics card work at its max potential. Either giving you a high FPS with low graphics settings or a lower FPS with high graphics settings.


Agreed but you totally missed my point. Just set it to 60fps, and you’ll have 60fps in the menu, and 60fps while flying. You don’t need more than 60fps while flying.

I agree. 60 FPS is great. However, locking it in-game defeats the purpose of variable refresh rate technologies. Like G-Sync. Then you want the FPS to be able to run free.

Then ideally lock the FPS to a low value in the Main Menu so that the GPU can idle. Other games have this feature.


At the moment I believe the best solution is to install Rivatuner and cap frame rates in that to 60fps. This sorts out the menu issue and also allows you turn off V sync for flying if you wish. A frame limiter for the backend as suggested by a few people would be ideal as would having two entirely separate backends, one for consoles and one for PCs which is what they should have done in the first place.


With the current startup time of the sim I’m reluctant to close it when I’m going away for a while or working in another program. The problem here is fan noise and my electricity bill…
So I would go as far as saying when FS is not the focused window switch down to zero fps.


Of all the things that need to be fixed or added to this sim I would put this pretty far down at the bottom of the list.

I do get your point though. If you were going to pause the game into the menu and walk away for a while it wold be nice if it throttled down a bit. Other than that I don’t spend all that much time in the menu that it bothers me much.

You can also limit the frame rate with nvidia control panel I think? If not you can do it with nividia profile inspector. I don’t think that will do what you want it to do though. It won’t know the difference if you are playing the game or in the menu. It is just going to limit the application in general.

I did notice the the opening sequence when you start the game is limited to 60 fps though. Maybe because its a video or something?

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It’s only limited to 60fps if you have V Sync on - if I switch VSync off (without Rivatuner ) my menu frame rates are between 400-500 fps which is the issue for some of us.

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