Tall buildings *HAVE* been fixed - requires a manual process

Read elsewhere (different forums)…

In your content manager, after the 1.9.5 patch you will see 2 very small updates available for the Japan scenery. If you update them manually you will see that the issue with the unrealistically tall buildings goes away.

Why it doesn’t update as part of the patch is another matter, but the good news is that it has been fixed and this update does work.

Hope that helps.


I never installed the Japan content, and had been using the community fix. Removed the fix and the patch did fix the building height without updating the Japan content I didn’t install.

That would make sense, as it was the Japanese update/content that caused the issue.

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You’d think they’d require the Japan content to update. So many people will still have the bug present and never know to update.

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Exactly! Me included until I saw this update needed doing.

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Seriously? I downloaded the update yesterday, fired up the sim and first thing I saw departing 34R from Fiumicino was a bunch of tower blocks in a nearby town that shouldn’t be there and rolled my eyes a little.

And yet the fix globally is to download Japan titled updates that don’t automatically update through the content manager, and this fixes it?

If so Asobo on this occasion get themselves a well earnt Muppet award🤔

Edit: Did the Japan updates, reloaded the sim and the multi story buildings are still there, so unfortunately not worked here. Oh well. Always another patch/update


Please try it and confirm it works, I certainly has for me.

It goes without saying that CptLucky8’s MOD
must be removed from the community folder first, assuming it’s installed.


It worked for me but Microsoft should rethink their update process. Not clear enough for all. Me too - had to read forums to get this information.


It works, it was proven on the other topic by yours truly that it indeed works.

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I wish they added this info in the release notes.

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Yes, it doesn’t make sense, but in fact it does because the Japan update was optional, which in itself was pretty dumb, like I’ve said at the time. Imho it was entirely unnecessary to go to the marketplace to update Japan, they could have done it in game, like all the rest of the world. I suspect that was some sort of dumb marketing stunt but what do I know.
But it is what it is, and since that update was optional, the fix is optional too.
What they should have done, though, was adding a paragraph in the release notes that reminds people to download this fix in the content manager, because noone is going to do it unless they read this thread.


Thanks for this.
Not only are there updates for the Japan scenery pack there, there’s also an update for the free airport that was released a month or so ago.

At least let us filter in the content list for items that have updates available :neutral_face:


I would extend that to “everything must be removed from the community folder before every update, or at least before you go flying”.

Only after confirming that the patched sim seems to work as expected, would I begin to re-install my mods, but not too many at a time.

I think much frustration could be avoided by this practise.


It worked. The “Office-Skyline” is finally gone.
Thanks for your input!

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That was the only item I had to manually update. I had assumed this was only for Japan, and not worldwide.

Personally, I feel like the entire MSFS update process is a bit convoluted. It just does not feel smooth, reliable and correct.
First of all, I started the Sim and after a bit of startup waiting, I was told that the Sim could not continue because I needed to QUIT and go to the MS Store and initiate a REQUIRED update.
Most applications detect a required or available update right after starting the application. That is what millions of users are use to seeing … why does MSFS have to be different ? Is it not possible to just get the update when starting the application or give the user some options ?


I didn’t do the manual updates. Upon taking off from my local airport and heading out of town, I noticed that little farming villages that previously had skyscrapers were now made up of small buildings. Still bigger than they should be (there are no 3-5 story buildings in farming villages), but at least they weren’t 30 story buildings. And also the 10 story buildings that had previously been near the end of a runway almost obstructing the glide slope were also gone.

But the downtown area now has far more and far taller buildings than previously. There are only a few tall buildings in my city, so it looks very unnatural now compared to pre-patch.

I’ll try installing the Japan update from the content manager when I get home from work to see if it has any effect on the rest of the world for me.

can this be stickied?

I will add it to the top of the patch Discussion thread. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.