Thanks to ASOBO for the prompt reply

Wait what did they say? and will there be a fix?

News and announcements / [Regarding Your Feedback + Upcoming Hotfix]

The expectations of the users are very different, some people like more fps and others like more LOD. And if your computer is not very powerful you see more positive points in this upgrade. It will take some time but hopefully we will get all happy and we will not have more wild updates like this one in the future.

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I really hope the same. I had few bugs since last update but nothing major, no CTD.
I was not playing anyway cause my favourite part of the game was the landing to the city airports in UK; however London after the update was in terms of graphic simply a mess. Good they replied. I believe they could have avoided most of the discussions by simply speaking before, but again I’m happy they recognise the issues

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You are absolutely right and I perfectly recognise this and I’m more than happy if everybody can play even with old computers. Just don’t like people that are trying to tell me what i see with my eyes.
Anyway, I hope we will be all happy and as you said no more wild updates like this one or other in the past that added a lot of bugs (terrain spikes or planes floating as an example)


1-That there will be a fix 2-probably a partial fix. Only time will tell.

I would also say big THANK YOU to ASOBO and MICROSOFT.

Yes, there were a lot of negative comments and people saying different thing. I also would like to say SORRY for some of my comments.
But I don’t like when some people saying black is white and white is black.

I really hope that ASOBO and Microsoft will fix this and everything will get back to normal. In our sim and in the forum.

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That’s nonsense, White is purple and black is blue!


AH AH AH !!! Well said


I’m from Poland and Polish people say that white is black and black is white.

Thanks for saying that. I just learned a new thing!



Lol thank you! Just wanting to bring humor and lighten the stress for everyone


Lol you’re welcome! What time is it in Poland now? I’m from SoCal

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Actually this might be confusing, but I am polish, living in Ireland

Ireland - 11:08 PM / 23:08

Poland 00:08 am at night.


So this happens with every update.

  1. Update … break things and people hate Asobo
  2. Asobo promise a fix or release a video with a lot of nice talk and promises
  3. people thank and love Asobo
  4. fix / update is dissapointment or step backwards or break other stuff
  5. people hate asobo
  6. another bunch of promises and nice talk from asobo
  7. people in love again

Etc etc etc , just happening for ONE YEAR now

Get the act toghether and realy fix stuf


Not confusing at all. Thats pretty cool I flew to Dublin in the sim and did a VR flight several months ago it was really pleasant. I can imagine it is pleasant real life

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Actually I’m still mad at some decisions made by ASOBO and Microsoft but I think my comment were not necessary in the tone I wrote them.
Everyone makes a mistakes.

PS That is a actually true at some stage haha



Speak again after hot”fix” 2 :joy::joy::v::v:

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Nice to hear!
Every time I fly in sim, I start and end in Dublin.

Actually yes. In my opinion, in Ireland is better life than in Poland.

Mostly the character and humour that people has.

People here in Ireland are much more happy and pleasant.


Hope they will really fix some thing that they broke by SU5.

Otherwise people here will make a war that will destroy this forum :rofl::rofl: