The Goose Flies Again

Any update to the progress of this aircraft? I personally can’t wait!



I’ve searched around for updates and couldn’t find any. They said before Christmas, so it could be contingent upon tomorrow’s update not breaking things. We shall see.

Soooon :grin::grin::grin:

Just doing some last minute fixes. Just remember folks this will be an EARLY PREVIEW. The only reason why I’m sharing now is we’ve all had a ■■■■ of a year so something nice for Christmas would be a change.

In a normal year I would just pay some more screenshots and wait until it was finished which may be another 3 months.


Sure is nice to have a Seaplane to look forward to.

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HI, At first sight the plane is fantastic, but when taking off I am missing the spray. Somewhere in my systen is the fx-spray for it (Grumman-rdux) . Is that the working effect and what should be its location, rel;atred to the location of the plane itself?
Solutions please to my email:

Piet de Geus

There are no water effects yet in MSFS.

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Oh, they look fantastic! I think I have to change the livery for my Flying Boat World Tour again! :wink:

Great stuff! :beers:


This plane just keeps getting better all the time. Only thing left is an anutopilot and instrumentation like the Retactable Float verison. Love this plane outstanding work yo’ll.

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autopilot??? Ewwwww
Glass cockpit??? EWWWWWWWW



Not going to happen. Steam gauges FTW :sunglasses::duck::small_airplane:
We will get the AP working for release but until then just #FlyTheDamnPlane :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


As always, your work is incredible! :heart::heart::heart::heart:

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:+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

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Look suspiciously like Jankees quality to me :grinning:
Superb, as always.

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Loving it!
Is there a way to adjust the gamma on the gauges to get that blue light tint off of them? Is there a parameter in the panel file somewhere?

You are the man!
Between you and Wookie, you’ve made this Christmas good.
I was sketching a fishing boat from the ramp in Masset, when a Pac Coastal goose appeared in front of me flashing their landing lights for me to kindly move my car so they could get out of the water. True story.

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Amazing work @OzWokiee ! It can also take off… I flied it without the damage settings, just to make sure I don’t miss anything…

Out Skerries near EG78… off the coast departure, 7NM/1700Ft

Go slow on landing… stopped just in time…

Impressive instruments panel !

Looking down…

One little quirck… it is very difficult to manipulate it in the water, speed and direction. If you have too much speed on landing, it will just “crawl on land”…

use water rudder hack and keep it below 10 kts

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Thx for the advice, @Pontiac513713… I’m a beginner with cfg’s don’t know yet about this point #9 but I’m certainly gonna look into rudder excursion, it was not enough to steer in the water.

Can I copy the config to the test airplane so it feels like a goose ? Because it is easier as a project… the SDK airplane editor has fields for rudder sensitivity. Rudder excursion can be widened… maybe these settings can be balanced somehow…

Interesting and beautiful airplane, this Goose. Landing or taking off on a runway is uncommon it seems, all youtube video’s I can find show goose in the water, it is handled like a boat. Maybe the idea of “landing” this plane is to put it down somewhere farther off shore and then proceed as a boat, 5-10 knots…

Here is a nice video showing how it is parked and then set on course manually… all so easy

Some bush landings… :star_struck: :smile_cat: from 3:30 pilot does several attempts to “crawl on land”, suppose the idea is to allow the tourists to leave the plane with dry feet ?

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