Time reset to an incorrect value mid-flight

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No, but part of the Beta Program

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No, as it just happened as of now, mid-flight, for the first time ever.

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I was flying from KATL to KLAS, I did not cross the international day change line,and mid-flight, suddenly the time moved backward to some time in the morning whilst it’s the afternoon UTC+1.
As you can see on the screen, it was around 1500 UTC whilst in the sim it was set to 1030UTC although the slider is set to “Real time”.
The weather did not seem to be affected: still live and corresponding to real data.

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No idea! Simply fly I guess and hope the sun will revert its course!

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Not relevant. Only thing you may need to know is that my system is high-end, drivers and Windows up-to-date.

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XBOX S, on beta (

On weekend experienced something similar for the first time. In mid-flight time changed from 18:20 to 17:20 and even “the sun” from night to daylight.

Also noticed for the first time wrong time zone for Portugal (UTC +1 where it should be UTC)

Moved to Sim Update 15 Beta User Interface & Activities since OP indicated to be under SU15B.

Looks like the same issue than this one:

There are also those reports related to incorrect time:

Hapend recently with out beta


Important : I’m not in the BETA program, I’m flying the version

Do you have the same issue if you follow the OP’s steps to reproduce it?

Not “reproduce it”, by the book. But experienced it.

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I was fying between KIAD and CYYZ, real time, real weather. Night turned on during the flight. Happened to me on long flights for some days. I was laying on the side of “when going though time zone” but this flight was northbound, no timezone. Also, I think I’ve only seen flight going from day to night, I can’t recall a flight going from Night to day, but can’t be sure.

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Had the same today flying EDDH/ LGIR. UTC time changed midflight minus 6 hours. Live weather and time. I am not in the beta.

Issue pre-dates the Beta, see marked solution for the bug reports.