Toolbar - Handle Bar - Flight Menu (triangle) will not disappear

Quickly switching camera mode will get rid of it as well. Ie if you’re in external view, switch to cockpit and then back and it will disappear

Lol everything is disabled and they are still there. I use the Xbox controller on PC

Can you show a screenshot of your accessibility settings? I’ll fire mine up for comparison.

Ok the ones you want are:


Both can be set to one of ‘INSTANT’, ‘DELAYED’, or ‘OFF’. I like ‘OFF’ for the first and ‘DELAYED’ for the second. I’m not using an Xbox controller at the moment, but it seemed to work as I expected when I tested one yesterday.

The ‘NoToolbarHandle’ mod I dropped into the community folder pre-SU5 is still working for me: Reddit link


Don’t even need the mod, just press any of the arrow keys after each mouse movement


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yes, thats better than a mod .

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Try moving your cursor to either the upper left or lower right, off screen. Looks like as long as the pointer is off screen the tool bar remains closed.

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Change Lock to Legacy.

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Are you talking to me or to someone else? I like lock mode. (I did not have any questions, I was answering a question.)

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Hello everyone, this feedback has been logged!


Still present after the second hotfix.


Do you have any add-ons in your Community folder? If yes, please remove and retest before posting.
yes but not related
Are you using Developer Mode or made changes in it?
noe issue:`

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it used to perfectly fade away on its own after menu toolbar interactions stopped for a while, however I notice it won’t go away after the latest hotfix
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i7 10th, RTX 2060, 32 GB
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MS Store
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Still not fixed and just as annoying.


It sure is annoying, Iv just voted on this…Hope its fixed in world update 6 in a few weeks time

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Me too. Yes, clicking on arrow works. Mod works too. But this is not the answer - MS Asobo need to fix this please. It is bl**dy annoying.

I am having the issue intermittently as well. Get’s stubborn over long haul flights. 1hr plus flight time for myself and disappears on second monitor instead of the primary one. Weird indeed! (PC)

This was published almost a year ago and still works perfectly!

Here’s an edit to get rid of the handle bar. Works perfectly. Can’t remember who posted this but it works with SU5. After implementing this, the bar is gone. Move your mouse up top and you get the menus. Perfect fix!

Backup file named ToolBar.css


After that go to


In notepad++ or notepad open file named ToolBar.css
Go to line 46 (opacity)
Change 1 to 0



Save changes and run MSFS :wink: