Toolbar - Handle Bar - Flight Menu (triangle) will not disappear

I guess I was not expressing myself good enough … I was wondering if the reason why those JPEG images have been made with “tilted to the left” cameras is because even the (marketing) people at Asobo are suffering from this drone cam roll bug.

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When this bug was introduced I decided to go with the “BetterToolbar”

… so I agree with you @billgranada … there are “hot-fixes” from the community.

No need :wink:

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Being listed in the tentative release notes, SU:6 will finally solve the issue.

Mine is still there after SU6. It does not fade away. Is there a setting somewhere ?

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Is anyone else still experiencing this besides SpeedbirdTen392? (Where the menu icon does not disappear?)

@SpeedbirdTen392 , sorry, no setting anywhere.

The annoying menu arrow still doesn’t fade away after SU6. Despite being in the release notes. :rage:

Its working here correctly now. I had to go into toolbar.css and change visibility back to 0 and all is well.
If you installed a mod to fix this before…remove it and you should be good to go…

Hi All,

I think it may be a problem with the ShiftZ Stats add-on in the community folder.

I removed that from the community folder and the menu icon now fades away.

Can someone else please confirm ?

What and where is toolbar.css ?

You’ll have to search it, go into file manager highlight the dir where MSFS is installed in the top right theres the search bar type in toolbar.css and hit the blue button, it will search for it a min or two, then you edit the file, find the lines that say:
tool-bar .toolbar-handle.visible, tool-bar {
transition: opacity 0.7s 0s;
opacity: 0;

the last instanance of opacity should read 0; if its one change it save the file and you should be good to go. If you installed a mod to fix this in the previous version, just delete the mod and restart the sim and ditto…

Yes I installed "No Handle Bar’ mod but I had already deleted it when I ran into the problem.

Are you saying the “No Handle Bar” mod changed that css file ?

Im not saying that but it might have. I just changed the file by hand myself. But if the mod changed that file and you uninstalled the mod theres a good chance that the the toolbar.css file didnt get changed back to what it should be.

Ok thanks for your help. What I did find for sure was that removing the ShiftZ Stats mod allows it to fade as advertised.

Well there ya go, thats the culprit then…

Confirmed! Thanks for identifying the culprit… Indeed it disappears after removing shift Z stats. I will post it there so the dev can look at it.

I have reported it to ambitiouspilots who created ShiftZ Stats who said he will “have a look and include a fix in the upcoming update.”


This su6 fixed this bug finally!

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Fixed in the Sim Update 6