Tree Draw Distance / LOD Issues

Comparing your 2 screenshots, the upper one is done with some older version of the game, the lower one with a newer version, right?

What´s also as annoying to me: what happened to the color-scheme?
The upper image has more “pale”, a bit “brown-ish” green tones, which look MUCH more natural.
The second image looks more saturated, artificial, cartoon-ish to me.

What happened there? How can we get the upper color-scheme back, at least as an setting to choose in our game-options?

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I agree that the 2nd landscape shot has been prettied up. For me, flying in mountainous terrain over the Missouri River near Mann Gulch, Montana, the terrain used to look pretty barren and dry as it is during much of the summer and fall in real life. That area of Montana only looks green as the snow melts in May and early June. In the sim, for that region of Montana, it seems a hint of green verdure and pinkish reddish orange yellow color for the rocks and soil has been added. It’s a lot more attractive eye candy than before but is it closer to reality? I guess if there are a range of aerial and satellite photos throughout the year to draw from, it would enhance the GAME aspect of MSFS to always go with the prettiest time of year for a geographical locale but when you have a sim that attempts to simulate realism by allowing you control date and time and the weather or fly with real weather, it seems like ultimately, for the ultimate simulation experience, you’d actually want the option to fly a geographic environment and see the landscape as close to what it actually looks like at the date and time of your flight and not an artifically “purdied up” view of reality - although maybe artificially enhanced landscape views will sell more copies of MSFS - I guess folks like the tourist brochure view of locales rather than average everyday reality. The oversharpening of scenery also shows up nicely in DaveBGaming’s 2nd screen capture just above. Given the degree of haze in the distance, it doesn’t seem unrealistic to me though, if haze effects are turned on, that stuff further away in the distance is blurrier.


This topic is intentionally being ignored as I feel they don’t see it as a bug. So it don’t make the list yet it has more than enough votes to do so. What I can tell you is the “Trees Did Change”, whether it be their shape or color something happened, otherwise wise, why would so many complain about it? To ignore this as the community clearly is voicing it’s concerns, I ask that it not be ignored. It’s a bug most likely created unintentionally, but then all bugs are created equally… Please don’t tell us anymore “We didn’t do anything” because it is clear something happened. How difficult can it be to adjust their shape, if that was the problem or adjust their color if that was the problem?

Please don’t ignore this thread.

Thank you, keep up the good work and stay safe.


I’ve yet to see a convincing comparison, they’ve all either been from a different angle, distance or time of day.

I guess it’s rather a draw distance issue than a LOD thing. That said, this vid probably got the limited draw distance, ie objects out in the distance hardly load as they should when in fact they did almost perfectly until the 1.9.3 build.

You might want to review these assumptions and cross-check this discussion. You’ll get factual information and documented bug with the tree rendering:

Well well well,… Thank you for the link to the xml file. The 75/75 was an eye opener. I adjusted to 73/73 then increased my LOD terrain in the USerdfg.opt file to 2.5 and object to 8.5 (Max setting in game is 2 for LOD terrain and Objects) Those are my settings to taste. Water cooled 2080ti/OC curve.

NO MORE PUFFY trees and building as far as I can see. As far as I’m concerned, I got it back what I had before. Thank you, Thank you thank you! Doesn’t matter now what happen after patch 2. I feel the tree sizes were messed with. The forest now looks like the forest instead of a bunch of green acorns and the increased object LOD looks WOW!! thanks to access to these settings.

Thanks CptLucky8
I know you’ve point your finger at me a few times. .LOL

Cheers and stay safe everybody.

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Is it possible to create a mod for community folder with these extra LOD settings?

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Hopefully the team is watching and will provide sliders in game for these settings. I think it’s important for everybody to know what the min and max values are for each of those settings. Yes it is possible to make a mod but it won’t be me. I’m full of bugs.

The tree fix is in the above mentioned CptLucky8 post,

The other file is USerdfg.opt there are 2 settings there, the LOD for terrain and Objects. Default MAX in game 2.00000 for both. Mine are to 2.5 LODterrain and object to 8.5 LODobject.
Do a windows search for it in the directory you have MSFS installed.

Hope that helps LivingFood.

Cheers, stay safe,


All of the above information is now moot. I no longer use any of these settings. A 3rd party as made a tree LOD fix mod which I now use. Now you can see trees as far as the eye can see. See top of post for updated information.

Cheers, stay safe,

Which 3rd party?

See top of post for updated information.



You’re post here is a bit cryptic. How exactly have you done this and what have you done that makes this a solution? When I read @CptLucky8’s posts I can’t see the solution you are referring to. I’m sure this is pilot error on my behalf. Are you able to explain further?

Many thanks

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I can’t explain it any further, I’m just a user. For now it’s the only solution I use until there is a better solution.
I think the picture speaks for itself.

Cheers and stay safe,

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Can you post a link to the solution?

PS: don’t forget to vote too!

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Am I the only one who think trees lod, for generated trees, is way too low in the release version?. It’s kind of weird because it behaves very oddly/differently depending on the place you’re flying over. Some times it might look just ok, but others it looks really bad (maxed out settings). Look at these screens (LA, USA):

Look how sparse the trees are given how pretty ■■■■ close to the plane they are. Also, the shadowing on them looks quite bad and out of place unless extremely close.

Here are a few shots showing how the density abruptly changes as you get closer to a near hill:

Note how the zone has some dense trees cover, however, unless really close to them they are not being loaded at all (maxed settings).

Another issue is that the far rendering technique (with respect to the old alphas) is, imho, not very good, as trees seem to be loaded picking random units inside a denser group which creates a bad visual effect of emptiness and size mismatch over mountains and with respect to other trees once you are closer to the forest (also look weird over the hills crests).


This wasn’t the case in the first alphas, where a better technique was used (or maybe just the better LoD made it less evident) . It can be shown in old screens, where trees were loaded at amazing distances:

I understand performance optimizations, but I think they were a bit too far trimming trees LoD. And maybe it is not that much the loading radius what makes things look worse, but the odd looking fading (especially for the bigger trees), which doesn’t look like the old one. In any case, I loved how dense and perfectly blended trees looked in the old builds :disappointed:. I wonder if Asobo could bring it back, or maybe a new “insane” setting could be added to make trees load like before and with a higher LOD radius :kissing_smiling_eyes:.


Trees need lots of tweaking to be honest.


yes there should be a tree lod slider - this was one of the first things I noticed in the release version - the LOD has become smaller even with nightlighting - but I don’t really see any significant performance difference.