Trees on approach

Ive had same issue flying night VFR at SBLS. Worst of all I was flting carrer. I simply bankrupted my company… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Trees on edge of runway are back again. Sim version KAVX is a good example, at both ends of the runway. Satellite images show all trees have been cleared. These non-existent trees just keep happening with new releases after being fixed. The trees cause sucessful approaches to be made higher than real. If using satellite imaging to inform AI landscape generation, the resolution window needs to be smaller so AI looks for more detail close to airports.

And after looking at my neighborhood in this version, all trees are much bigger, unrealistically bigger than life and bigger than in .18. So maybe the oversizing of trees is what is causing the problems at the runways. On the other hand the accuracy and detail of roads and houses is much better in .19.

7S3 runway 02 in sim, lots of trees right in front of the runway:

7S3 runway 02 IRL, trees are trimmed back:

only a soluce SDK It’s not the SU that causes this but the mandatory updates that precede the city updates. so since they don’t seem to want to take the reports into account, I’ll correct it with the SDK