Unable to add wind layer + wrong windspeed

When deleting ALL wind layers, no new wind layer can be added.

Workaround is to switch to live weather and back.

Screenshot 2022-04-02 031629

Why is windspeed in km/h in the weather menu? Using hybrid units windspeed should be in kts…

Besides, the windspeed is wrong! 1 kt = 1.852 km/h, 10 kts should be 18.52 km/h but when 18.52 km/h is entered into the weather menu I get a wind of 36 kts in the sim! So it seems like its m/s and not km/h.

There seems to be a lot going wrong when in comes to windspeeds, to clarify:

When using imperial or hybrid units:

  • Windspeed in the world map should be in kts
  • ATIS and tower should be in kts
  • Weather menu should be in kts

When using metric units:

  • Windspeed in the world map should be in m/s
  • ATIS and tower should be in m/s
  • Weather menu should be in m/s

In all cases, ATIS and TWR wind direction should be magnetic rounded to the nearest 10 degrees. It seems like magnetic variation is taken into account but the wind direction is not rounded to the nearest 10 degrees. You will NEVER get a wind of 261 degrees, 10 kts from tower before landing…

Yes, it is messed up. And every time they say they’ve fixed something in this UI generally speaking something else has been broken.

The Weather UI needs a complete overhaul. It is a fundamental part of a flight sim. I just wish they’d fix this properly, once and for all.


Who in aviation uses km/h for windspeed? Or ft/sec in ATIS? :expressionless:

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Easy Answer : Asobo :scream:

I gave up reporting this one months ago — it looks like it is way down on the “not a Priority list”


And why is this thing always showing ISA +10C?

Screenshot 2022-04-07 123236

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I’d also like to add broken custom weather wind gusts to this. Or should I create a new thread for that?

Are you using Developer Mode or made changes in it?


Brief description of the issue:

Injecting wind gusts in custom weather is broken entirely. No wind gusts are present when using 1 or 2 gusts per minute. Using anything more than 3 gusts per minute makes the gusts behave unrealisticaly fast. Speed of the gusts is wrong as well.

Provide Screenshot(s)/video(s) of the issue encountered:

Detailed steps to reproduce the issue encountered:

Open custom weather and play with wind gust settings.

PC specs and/or peripheral set up if relevant:

AMD R5 5600X
RTX 3070
32 GBs of RAM


What is the issue exactly? I can’t make that up from your post. It seems to be doing something right?

Hey there. Whenever you set custom wind gusts, they get quite wonky. When you set 1 or 2 gusts per minute, nothing seems to be happening, but as soon as you set 3 or more gusts per minute with the slider, you get tossed around like crazy. It basically feels like instead of 3 gusts per minute, you get 100.

Also, the speeds are really wrong, but that’s been already reported by you.


Clear! I was looking on my phone, now I see what you mean, looking at the airspeed it almost looks like you have been speeding things up :joy:.

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Exactly lol!

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The only setting that work for me is 35gusts per minute that is set when we open the gusts ui. Strange the gusts per minute decreases when the frequency is higher. This used to work ok right after it was fixed in SU6. Now it’s completely broken again. Are they trying to tune it or something? I would like this to be moddable. Then we could choose whatever gustrate we want. As i want it to be in live-weather too. I just want maybe 1-3 gusts per minute max. And then it should reach the max gust rate maybe 1 time in a 10 minute interval. Gusts should only last for a maximum of 20sec. The gust frequency should increase the faster we travels through the air. Gusts should have many settings available and with a gradient to decrease the difference between the average windspeed and gusts the higher we fly.

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Topic is now showing “bug-logged” as a status, which is good.

Is there anyway that a Moderator or Community Manager could please escalate this to the team? Definitely needs some attention ASAP!


Missed the boat (Plane) for SU9 … Question is -
Will SU9 released, be a “Plane ride” or a “Train wreck” .

From what I have seen from SU9 Beta, it needs a few more weeks of “loving care” (or to be beaten into shape) before it is released .

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Ewww, I see what you mean. Didn’t realize that when I was posting.

Plus, it’s difficult for a layman to understand development. It seems like an easy fix to make, “wrong unit”. But I imagine that it’s like knocking Dominos over. One small change could ripple through and result in many touch points…

I’ve been doing just fine for a bit, suddenly 2 days ago this started happening.

Wind speed seems to be doubled what a wind layer is set to.

Wind Direction going haywire. If i delete all cloud layers , when airborne my plane is reporting 5 knots

I think problem is that the weather menu indicates km/h but it actually is m/s…

the odd thing for me, is that even with zero wind what so ever, im getting 5 knots of wind reported.

Yes, it seems remarkable this hasn’t been fixed, wind speed is a pretty essential part of weather! It’s not like km/h to m/s is obvious either to realise what the units actually refer, make the conversion and know what kind of wind speed you might want to set.

I’m sure a lot of complaints about excessive wind and turbulence are possibly because people don’t realise this error and think the 15 km/h wind they thought they’d set is throwing them around (only 8 knots) when the sim is actually giving them 54km/h (30 knots), so you’re getting near on four times the wind you think you’re setting. Some planes don’t show the wind either so how would they know it’s wrong? It’s usually people flying these small planes that wouldn’t show the wind being produced in the game complaining about this too. Hmmm.

It’s actually a potentially serious problem, we see people complaining about excessive turbulence when they set a low wind. I have never seen anything remotely approaching even moderate turbulence at low winds and I assumed people were just exaggerating. However, if this is the reason then these complaints are spurious, but Asobo seem to be taking them seriously and have already said they will turn down thermals at low wind speeds, which is completely counter to how they work in real life.

The whole map UI is a mess though, the strange number regression when moving up the fuel and payload sliders, settings reverting if we click to another setting. You would think these would be easy fixes, and that they are not is a worry for what it might say about the state of the coding…


I am still having this same issue in Aug 2022… I’m trying to learn how to fly in this sim and want to set it to zero wind just so I can get used to it and practice landings but with this wind i’m getting tossed all over the place.

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