Visibility in Live Weather Mode

I have just flown into BHX (EGBB) with the METAR reporting 150m visibility. The effect was absolutely accurate and staggering with the runway lights appearing over the threshold. In fact, the best low viz approach I have ever flown in MSFS in my life! There was an update tonight, so I am not sure if it was fixed but I was blown away.

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Yes, the visibility depiction within METAR bubbles is generally quite good.
Unfortunately, since the introduction of METARs, all that has happened is that the boundaries of the bubbles have been pushed out a bit and the edges have been refined.
The problem remains that there is no visibility depiction outside the bubbles.

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Here are some more screenshots for the haze disks.

And once randomly I also had the correct weather and haze throughout.

So I am sure a fix is very possible, and yet we are getting a bad weather injection.

In my part of the world, there are minimal clouds this time of the year, along with poor visibility at low altitudes(a.k.a. haze).

And the weather engine absolutely kills the realism for this kind of weather.

Ohh, and yes! Meteoblue does publish visibility data, not difficult to find.


These are perfect examples of how inadequate the current method of representing visibility is.
And as you say, Meteoblue has the data needed for the weather engine to represent visibility.
Even if the MB visibility data is not as accurate as the METAR data, it is still better than the unlimited visibility outside the METAR bubbles.

I just don’t understand how they thought it would be so good with these METAR bubbles.

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Those bubbles are the result of mixing 2 different sources for weather: MeteoBlue (forecast) and real METAR (live). That is why there is a request in the wishlist to have the option to get weather only based on MB data as it was the case prior SU7: Live Weather - Toggle options (enable/disable) for METAR based weather injections. At that time those unrealistic bubbles around the airports did not exist.

We keep discussing this, but is there even an acknowledgement of the issue by anyone from Asobo, or shall we live with these haze discs forever? :smiley:

Totally unrealistic weather.

There is no acknowledgment yet. We need to wait for the next weekly development updates and check if the wishlist topic I am referring to in my above post is listed and taken in account for a next Sim Update. Anyway, it definitively needs more votes.

which one are you referring to?

Overall weather visibility in the sim, with 555 votes as of writing:

or the thread about weather visibility from current METAR:

If this blending of the meteoblue weather forecast model with the METAR continues, probably both need development of the visibility integration.

The 2nd one Live Weather - Toggle options (enable/disable) for METAR based weather injections. The haze discs around the airports are due to the live METAR injection. If visibility was coming from MB, it will not be always located around an airport but smoothly integrated in the overall weather forecast wherever planned.


Infact, the live weather system has all the information about the visibility and ambient humidity levels even outside the METAR circle. It’s all right there if you check in “Debug weather” window under dev mode. Why it hasn’t been integrated in live weather is just beyond me.