VR users still second class citizens

Well said. And it really has to be this way.

I would add that having only used VR since it’s launch, I don’t feel like a second class citizen. In my meagre opinion, VR has been one of the major successes of MSFS. It has largely worked since it was launched. It’s obviously more demanding than running 2D and so progressive performance enhancements to the base sim help me as a VR user immensely.

There are still glaring base sim defects in scenery, avionics, aerodynamics, weather and AI. ASOBO has a lot on their plate and need to get through that before adding enhancements that will only benefit a small percentage of users.


I might have wrongly read your post, as in the following, in which case I apologize:

Whether they are necessary or immersive enough for one, and not enough for another, shouldn’t in any way in my opinion forces upon us only one choice. The crux here in my opinion is to have choice, not that one is preferring either or both choices. In other words, whether mouse is good enough or not, and whether VR controllers are good enough or not, a VR title without VR controllers support is already an anomaly in itself, the fact that some or many users would also prefer using a VR controller instead of a mouse is just a preference, not a need. The need though is wider support for input controllers and both mouse and VR controllers are needed in any VR “simulator” title for evident reasons of both immersion and user abilities.

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I totally agree that this should not be a concern, but with Asobo’s track record with updates so far, I can understand why some people are concerned that this might happen.

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I fully agree that both should be available! With the word “replacement” I did not intend that MS/Asobo should continue to have the mouse as only option, or offering the controllers as the only way, I was rather intending that I personally tend to prefer using the mouse. Maybe I didnt clarify this well enough. But we are on the same page absolutely! :slight_smile:

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if it would at least enable compatibility for pointctrl.

It can’t be that difficult to send one in fullscreen / window to the monitor instead of the two small VR previews.

Have you actually tried interacting with the overhead panels in Airbus A32NX with a desk-borne mouse? Gaming or standard PC model, I’m afraid it makes little difference. It’s an immersive and, not to mention, ergonomic mess. The fact is, VR manipulators are an integral part of the VR experience. Otherwise why would VR headset manufactures bother with their inclusion and continual development? I suspect there are very few VR titles that do not use them as a fundamental part of the immersive experience. Unfortunately with potential XBox gamers outnumbering PC FS2020 users by at least 2 orders of magnitude and VR being yet an even smaller minority, I think we’ll be waiting a very long time before VR receives the attention it needs. It’s sad because if ever there were an application best suited to VR it just has to flight simulation.

Ok I am not repeating all myself again. See also my discussion with CptLucky8. I am not disputing the potential advantages of vr controllers and also I am not disputing that they should be implemented as an option. I am also aware that controllers are the standard in vr. And yes I have been flying the A320 NX by fbw a few times, can’t remember that it really bothered me too much. Mainly I fly VFR in small aircraft or IFR in the CRJ 700. No big problem for me.
If I recall correctly, it was actually said in one of the last Developer Q & A that they work on the implementation, which however will take a while due to various reasons, including complexity.

Check the Dev update issued today. They plan to introduce vr controller support with Sim Update 7, which is in November, and they work on some VR bug fixes, including AA.

I was worried about the VR wishlist remaining mainly “not started” but with this last dev update today we’re finally seeing some entries go into “under investigation”. Hand controllers by sim update VII is sooner than I thought, so that’s a good surprise too!

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It’s great to finally see some movement, bugs should be priority with wish list items second so I fully expect that list to start moving later in the year/early next year like Asobo have hinted at.

For me with every Update it was getting better. Sure there is plenty of things to make better and so on. But we VR User are just a small Group of Gamers for this Sim. So sure we are not the highest Priority.

I disagree because some are directly related technically and can’t be addressed independently in my opinion:

You might be surprised some times!

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Yeah, it was consistently around 2/3 of users having a headset.

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The # of VR users is a constant hot topic on all sorts of simulator forums, the best way to gather the most accurate number would be if there was a Log file of people’s peripherals that was then sent to Asobo for data collection, then those numbers released to the public.

People (wrongly) keep pointing to the steam survey charts, so if the above can’t be done then a survey created by Asobo with optional entry would be another option.

Forum polls are ok but not a direct indication across the board as not everyone visits forums, so you can get a rough idea but even the linked poll adove is heavily skewed towards VR because of the title and lack of other voting options.

I agree 100% with you, these are very uninformative polls and non-representative stats.

MSFT is gathering all the data already for a long time about every thing you’re doing from the moment you start FS2020 up to when you close it, lots of telemetry data is flowing though, and I’m certain many are really curious (in the positive learning way) and would like to know these metrics!

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As I posted in that thread a Poll needs to attract more users, then a rough idea of display devices used would be fairly decent:

Just like to add to the bit in my post where I said I didn’t fly it any more - I now have it looking good enough again in VR and can enjoy my virtual flying in FS2020 once more. :wink:

It is VR or nothing for me. I run three different flight sims all in VR - DCS, IL-2 Great Battles, and now MSFS 2020.

Happy VR user here. I understand the frustration that people have with this sim but this post is off base in its assumptions imo.

This sim is huge, like literally planet sized big and they can only do so many things at once. Recently they have been making substantial changes to the engine, and sorting the Xbox release, but they’ve said all along that VR would be getting attention in the final part of the year.

Already they have confirmed the following.

Pre cache rendering being absent for VR = hotfix imminent.
No antialising in menus for VR - Fix for SU6 in October
Reflections broken in VR - Fix for SU6 in October
Shader code and shadowlight rendering - SU6 October
Airliner light bug fix- SU6 October
Annoying mouse curser when switching - SU6 October
Vr controller support - end of the year

We’ve only got a month to wait to have a lot of the niggles fixed and I’m personally finding it very playable already.
They can only do so many things at once.


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